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Clash of Clans – EPIC TH7 Mini Game Base | ‘The Stairs’ | New Game Mode | Troll Base – 2016

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  1. King Gam3r May I join your clan? I'm a max TH7 I requested to join your clan, My name in COC is ALEX✨2

  2. I wanna a see a th7 base which is the best n so pls make a base which is Anti giant, Anti hog, anti drag or any other troop

  3. Good base what you use for recording and editing

  4. nice aldea. make th8 pls

  5. can i join ur clan

  6. nice

  7. Nice video KinG

  8. Nice bro! Make this base for th8 or th9 O.o lol great music too :D

  9. That's a fun idea of a base!

  10. What do you use to record your screen ?

  11. Hmmm King can you make a th8 troll base I won't expect it any time soon I'll give you time but do you think you can make one?btw nice vid?

  12. Can I join back?

  13. Hey King nice vid :)

  14. Can you make clash royale videos

  15. Going to use ur base

  16. wow amazing design

  17. COC Clan FourWinds™

  18. Can I show my base well make it?

  19. Going to use ur base

  20. I was first cause my sec are longer?

  21. NO I WAS

  22. FIRST

  23. First one the see ur vid

  24. Hey nice vid