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Clash Of Clans – EPIC TH8 BOMB TOWER HYBRID WAR BASE!!! (Trophy and farming build)

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  1. umm it sucks there is better ones :D´╗┐

  2. Please do a townhall 9 bomb tower hybrid base please´╗┐

  3. i feel like the gold is just too vulnerable´╗┐

  4. Town hall 10 please´╗┐

  5. The problem with the uniform designs is that your weaknesses are on all four corners instead of one side. They may look nice but make it easier for the attacker. One reason why clash sucks, plus it's impossible to max your base out before they add new crap´╗┐

  6. What about your th11 account´╗┐

  7. ­čÖü I am rushed´╗┐

  8. LOL the WTF Boom´╗┐

  9. How many walls do you have´╗┐

  10. Nice video add defense replay next video´╗┐

  11. can you do th9´╗┐

  12. Th9´╗┐

  13. a barbarian king base please????´╗┐

  14. whats the clan name?´╗┐

  15. umm where's the dark spell factory?´╗┐

  16. war´╗┐

  17. Nice base´╗┐

  18. Thanks for vid I was worried when I recently became TH 8 when the bomb tower came out´╗┐

  19. Thank you, I needed this. But I'm more getting beat by Valkyrie and gowipe, with the occasional giant wiz group, any help?´╗┐

  20. I love you Godson, was searching a base like this for 3 Days!´╗┐

  21. Where is the dark spell factory?´╗┐

  22. th 9 please´╗┐

  23. wow second´╗┐

  24. that son is from fernanfloo´╗┐

  25. I know there not that good but that's what i am´╗┐

  26. Lol this is the exact base I have wtf´╗┐

  27. how bout a th7 base´╗┐

  28. my brother is a th8´╗┐

  29. Base looks weak to drags if someone gets rid of the ads but I'll try it´╗┐

  30. Can anyone spot his Dark spell factory in the war layout ??? Its driving me crazy haha´╗┐

  31. I thought it was godson fuck the world(ftw) lol´╗┐

  32. Where is the bomb tower….´╗┐