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Clash of Clans | EPIC TH8 TROPHY BASE DESIGN!! [Town Hall 8 Defense] 2016

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  1. good keep it up

  2. song name

  3. So is this a scam ? LOL jk going to try when i get my drill Done so i can remove bushes btw is this good base for farming too ?

  4. Does this base helps in wr and trophy pushing
    please let me know m8s

  5. nice video it's very good brother

  6. houu King this very very very very good ???? like like like

  7. it's amazing

  8. Interesting base design! :)

  9. Epicness bro ;D Keep up the good work dude, its lit xD

  10. nice base☺

  11. but still a nice video

  12. bro you should give some other people from our clan that are th8 to make this base and then record their replays

  13. a sah dude