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Clash Of Clans | EPIC TH9 HYBRID BASE FOR NEW UPDATE | BEST Town Hall 9 Farming / Trophy Base

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  1. Can you pls make a th8 hybrid base?

  2. what song is this?

  3. Thanks, I just got a rare win on defence with this base! Im near max th9 in champion league, and ive been facing good attackers post update.

  4. Music name ???

  5. Oh no, the guy who does the "here my garage" is back again, WHY DID HE MAKE ANOTHER ADVERT??

  6. Who win the $2000 lenovo pc?????

  7. th8 version, please

  8. there is a fail whit th9 you have obly to search airbombs

  9. Nice base and great music selection makes the videos more interesting

  10. Hey I know this might sound weird but,could you somehow make a TH 10 hybrid base WITHOUT Xbows but with everything else like infernos?that would be amazing because it's what I need. Thank you if you do!❤️ #HavocSquad

  11. Nice base but it doesn't do its job it's really easy too attack I always lose over 80% of my loot and I'm a max th9 :/ guess it's time for th10

  12. This update sucks! Im losing 400-800k loot twice a day. Supercell plz fix :(

  13. th6 plz

  14. wtf so nice….

  15. how i see hybrid base. if wizard tower is protecting the storages it is a good base

  16. This base does great job for me. 3 attacks defended. Btw im max th9. Thanks HaVoC

  17. Sup havoc! I want to join ur clan so r there any requirements or something because I have been looking for a clan in a long time. Plzzz help me out buddy

  18. Th 8 hybrid

  19. good base !!!!tell me name of song 🙂 thx

  20. Awsome base! Can u make a Hybird Base fr TH8 next ? Thanks a lot!