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Clash of Clans – EPIC TH9 Hybrid Base!! NEW TH11 December Update!! – (CoC Town hall 9 Farming Base)

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  1. hey i have a reaplay on this base if you want to see it come to 'good ppl clan' an israeli clan ✌ its an awsome base with a lot of defenses ?

  2. dude ! can u help me out plz?? how do you record the things going on your device screen? I mean how did you record while you were making the base? plz reply :(

  3. love how in the beginning you let us know where exactly the cc was

  4. Looks so much better with max walls and defence…

  5. K thx bro merry christmas keep up with the good videos

  6. How can you say it's 'epic' if your Th 11 and have no replays?

  7. so the defensive reply of this base

  8. can u do a th 8.5 base plss

  9. What is the song in the beginning of the video please help

  10. nice layout,, pros and cons analysis for this base, tnx .. ive been scouting for a good farm base recently.

  11. haha another device is connecting to the game… WAIT WHAT? IM BEING HACKED

  12. I need resources protecting and trophy base

  13. Pls make Bases with all Defense inside of the Base!! 😀 And TH 8 Cw anti 3 Star please ;)!!????? with Double giant bombs…. An all Defense Insider of the Base! Nice Video!??:D

  14. Just went to th9,this helped like crazy! Thanks dude!

  15. Have one wall left?

  16. Amazing base bro! Your on fire lol! :D

  17. i mean intro

  18. i mean intro

  19. whats the theme song name

  20. whats the theme song name