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Clash Of Clans | EPIC TOWN HALL 11 LOOT TROLL BASE!! | Valley Of Death 3.0 2016!

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  1. I want to join your clan but it is closed ?

  2. Hi

  3. Tony! How did you get so many points on your cash for apps account? :(

  4. its good to see the intro ?

  5. how do we win

  6. Cool vid <3

  7. troll

  8. can everybody in this comment section tell me what Tony uses to record coc

  9. ur da best hahahah epic lol

  10. Valley of death, 9 dragons anyone? ;_;

  11. nice intro GT N GOOD VIDEO

  12. I love that clas royal cards

  13. good troll base lol

  14. Tony don't say COC please

  15. Dame Tony I love your videos man. keep being awesome.?

  16. I'm 1

  17. funny base replays ha ha ha ha really funny

  18. Can u do a th8 troll base with replays plz

  19. plz guyz help me out by checking my vids… i bet u will not regret them

  20. damm u base is good

  21. Nice video general tony

  22. I can't wait until u say it

  23. what is give away

  24. GT Can you plz make a new th9 troll base like this one to push trophies??

  25. Fine

  26. Sorry I was late Tony

  27. when im th11 in gonna copy your village !! ??

  28. +General Tony | Clash Of Clans &amp; Clash Royale dude can i ask for a favor can u do a all pekka attacks thks dude i watch ur video everyday and i hope ur laptop did't explode on u hehe cheers

  29. gems??

  30. i like your videos

  31. Tony you have awesome videos!


  33. Congrats to the winners!

  34. Congrats to the winners!

  35. Ok i love you

  36. just say cock

  37. Will you ever do any boom beach videos Tony

  38. Very good troll base

  39. hey general Tony you r a soo good but look I am telling to yuh say that we need our Nepal flag too in clash of clans do you listen !!!???

  40. question: how do you pick the giveaway winners

  41. u r awesome Tony and I really love ur videos

  42. ?

  43. general tony why u arent doing the giveaway

  44. great videos keep up the good work man

  45. tony I got barb king today

  46. Tony dr craads rejected me wtf

  47. Make it invite only I'm TH7 going TH8 1200 trophies plzzzzzz