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Clash of Clans – EPIC TOWN HALL 9 ANTI-THREE STAR BASE for NEW Update!! (CoC Best TH9 Clan War BASE)

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  1. th 8.5 war base plz ;)

  2. what to put in the cc?

  3. Maybe try: Queen->CC,CC->Barracks, Barracks->Elexir-Storage. Double up the Air mines at the bot ads. But i think then the BK's positioning… Maybe swap to drill and put the GB to there. You could Even Move the Tesla Farm to the center, but on the other hand everybody is expecting it there… Keep in mind every th9 base is 3starrable and comment your critizism down below. Maybe i forgot sth?

  4. Just made this base exactly how you lid it out, war starts in 43 minutes and I will comment how it defends :)

  5. no dude I haven't seen an easier Base to pentaloon in a long time..and it looks like u can lure the cc too

  6. nicee base doods! keep up the good work??

  7. Nice Base ?

  8. bro i need th8 farming attacking strategy

  9. looks like a troll base lol

  10. once u share anti 3s there no longer anti 3s (:

  11. music plssssss?

  12. once the first attacker finds the teslas, the clean up for the second attack will walk all over this

  13. #OccupySupercell

  14. cool

  15. nice

  16. Nice base

  17. Hmm th8.5 or just buy everything eclihpese?

  18. anti 3 star th 8 base plz

  19. I already got 3 starred.?