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Clash of Clans – EPIC ‘TOWN HALL 9 FARMING BASE’!! (CoC Best TH9 Hybrid/Trophy Base 2016)

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  1. It doesn't matter how good a base is, there will always be some asshole who can 3 star it with GiBarch

  2. COC is dead

  3. th8 troll base and hibrid base please eclipse

  4. Quit ripping off other youtubers bases and calling them yours

  5. More Clash Royale video's, it's out for NA and i need good attack stats and stuff! I appreciate it! -Naruto Uzumaki

  6. nice th9 …

  7. Did you have this tested?

  8. Got 3 starred by Barch.

  9. not epic not good base farm trophy ans not DE…

  10. bruh placement of wizzard towers suck

  11. Back to Clash Nerds…. hmmm Kappa

  12. ECLHIPSE IS BAE ASF!!!!!!!!!??????????

  13. to my nigga eclihpse can you make a 8.5? farming please?

  14. plz do a th6 and 7 base design plz I am subscribe d to u

  15. eclihpse do a th9 war base pls

  16. You should get a th9 to equip this base before you upload it & record some of the replays that the th9 shares when they get attacked :)

  17. No safe dark elixir :/

  18. Th9 dark base plz

  19. you are a good base builder

  20. can you make a th7 base

  21. I remember when he had 10k good old days

  22. 3 Star'd from GiBarch with heal spells

  23. Hi I'm a big fan

  24. Hi eclihpse when's the next Th10 base gonna be out?

  25. Thx eclihpse i needed a new base????

  26. trais um th 9 push

  27. Clash Royale has gone global!!!!