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Clash of Clans – EPIC Town hall 9 FREE Shield BASE!! TH9 Hybrid/Cheap Shield BASE!! (CoC Best TH9!)

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  1. +Eclihpse|clash of clans welcom:D

  2. OK thank you

  3. you have 3 elixir drills in th9 base?

  4. You put down 3 DE DRILLS th9 has 2…

  5. thnx Eclihpse for the base?

  6. eclipe love your channel. have a question on this base. love the idea but what if the attacker uses 10 to 20 minions to take out right side of base. they would get the 30% but would you get the shield since they only dropped a few minions?

  7. Best channel best base thanks for every thing

  8. might be a stupid question… but why would people not go for the loot? why be nice and give u shield and leave your loot? enlighten me.

  9. please make town hall 8 hybrid base

  10. th8 plz

  11. Th8 pls!!!!

  12. Town Hall 9 has ony 2 Dark Elixir Drills. And you used 3 :P

  13. Not to be picky, but th 9s only have 2 dark elixer drills, I'm easily fixed, just wanted to point it out


  15. saving for later ;)

  16. Will this work on master 3

  17. Eclipse u wrote Shiled on the thumbnail lol ??

  18. That base you used was a modified version of what I sent you on email a while back :P

  19. Grt thanks i love ot

  20. Intro song??

  21. Yassss another th9 base!!!??? ur the best eclhipse!

  22. TH8 farming or trophy base? I'm in masters right now as a almost maxes th8

  23. Nice base ?

  24. Please do best hybrid th8

  25. Will you do a th10 version of this base?

  26. Your the Man Eclihpse

  27. gr8 base m8

  28. Please do a th10 version

  29. im one of the first top 25 top to see this video

  30. LMAO the thumbnail says shiled XD

  31. Would this work Masters 2+?

  32. I thought I would try a different base, hopefully you all enjoyed it :D