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Clash of Clans Essential Queen Walk Guide

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  1. thnx heatherur definitely one of the best or even the best when it comes to clash guides.+1 sub:)

  2. i used queen walk with a lvl 6 queen even though it was harder since when 2 max defences were on her you need a rage but it still works well as its just a funneling thing for me

  3. I been doing queen walks ever since air bombs stopped killing healers. That was a really great quide you put together. Well done ??

  4. This strategy should be called "long live the queen"

  5. So glad to hear from u heather. Love your vids. Please post more when possible

  6. You can deal with the new baby drag valks cc by putting 1 poison as soon as it comes out and second before it reaches aq. Dont need to use ability

  7. could u make a tutorial on a golalo…+valks…try it out in case u haven't

  8. Great timing with this video! Hit TH9 just before the last update. You're videos totally helpedme crush TH8!

  9. I love that shirt design!

  10. finally a video..nice heather… we want u to reveal your face :P

  11. ultimate daenerys attack!

  12. I started using qw for farming as well since the healer build time reduction and it works great, but for war it is far too unreliable yet.
    My main problem is that she often walks into the wrong direction. I am aware of the 5 tile/8 tile rule. I can 100% predict which building she will target next if I know her location, but I dont know from which exact spot she will target that building (remember the part more than 5 tiles but less than 6) and this is where all the planning goes wrong because if I dont know her exact spot I dont dont which will be the 2nd building.

  13. beautiful stufff..❤️

  14. heather why don't u make weekly video about ur clan wars just like one hive guys r doing so that we can see attacks of ur clans and learn from that attacks I love to see that. I'm th 8 but thnx for this and previous videos.

  15. Finally back ?

  16. how many clans are in the kingdom and thier tags

  17. Nice tutorial. I usually do qw with my lvl 10 queen when farming. Never thought about the space amounts before. Very interesting. I usually pop her down near the double canon spot and let her have fun.

  18. How do I join your clan

  19. Great video but I'm th7 lol

  20. post more please

  21. post more

  22. post more

  23. hi heather btw im choosy :p in clash roayle white whales

  24. great content thanks so much ???

  25. Whats a good strategy against th9's as a beginning th9. Ive only been able to 2 star th9s.

  26. I can never seem to get the queen to do what I want and survive during a queen walk whilst using an air attack. On any ground attack I can make it work perfectly fine, but once I use anything that flys, she finds a wall too shoot or something like that and it's game over. Also, when dealing with Clan Castle Pekkas, skeleton spells seem to give the queen enough time to take it out without the need of the ability (depending on what defenses are around of course)

  27. I've watched a good few "queen walk guide" videos but this one has been by far the most helpful, Thanks!

  28. should've been titled "The Quintessential Queen Walk"

  29. Hi guys, I'm trying to start a new clan, it will be a very chill clan, as in a war everyday for those who want to, however no pressure for those who don't know how to attack, you don't have to war, feel free to farm or trophy push! It is still a small level 1 clan with less than a handful of members, but with the right help I think we could turn the clan great! join us! QLYG8Y8Q – Sheets&Giggles

  30. T-shirts… Hummm

  31. Great vid, I've been subscribed to your channel for a while now and learned so much, Ty. Looking forward to a Queen walk + goblins vid !!

  32. hiiiii?

  33. long time no vidz….welcome back…. another great tutor vidz….

  34. Great vid on queen walk I needed it

  35. Needed this!

  36. Heather do I have to be max to join a kingdom clan