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  1. Love your videos there too damn good!!! 😀 :O 😛 XD
    and when will you start the live stream?

  2. How did you get into clash of clans

  3. sub to me guys road to 100 subs I almost have 40

  4. Cool

  5. How old were you when you first heard/came across youtube?

  6. can you tell us new clan name please

  7. please take me in your clan!. i'm your biggest fan sir!. a lots of love from India..

  8. please take me in your clan!. i'm your biggest fan sir!. a lots of love from India..

  9. General Tony what's your least favorite Troop

  10. how old r u

  11. Q: can I have a battle against your base it would be epic

  12. My TH level is 8

  13. Q:After this update which game do you think is better cr or coc?

  14. please check out my YouTube channel it is new

  15. Why did you call yourselve general tony??

  16. And Tiny in the giveaway can give a free gems and just we gonna download a 2 or 1 apps to get free gems the gems how much u like i like just 250

  17. ok

  18. ok

  19. What is u r new clan name?!


  21. Q&A who's was your insperation to start YouTube and do you have other plans besides YouTube ?

  22. this comment is cheky

  23. Tony when r u gonna make the new clan

  24. Tony can u accept me im gonna join ur clan :):)

  25. didnt he show his face already

  26. Want HACKS sub to my video and check out the hacks

  27. What will the new clan be called

  28. What do use to use to record you coc videos

  29. Np

  30. how many maps will goblins take down.

  31. are u welcome to join if your base is rushed?

  32. g.t I think it will be half a million soon
    and please I would really appreciate the gems I really need it

  33. #Q&A Why do you like clash of clans and clash of royal?

  34. Can I Plzz come in your clan plzzz

  35. You sound like master of a bit

  36. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

  37. Will you record other games?

  38. What other games do you play?

  39. How old are you?

  40. Q&A: What are the odds that I will win the 14000 gems

  41. ok GT I'm not good at special effects and animations so can I just send u my idea?

  42. Can u join ur clan new clan

  43. damn to think about it I sub to you as one of the first 50k sub

  44. Q and A: How long have you been playing coc and how big is your Coc XD

  45. Is this your job?

  46. tell me clan name