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Clash of Clans | Evolution Series -E02- Th11 DRAGON Attack Strategy – Getting there

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  1. hi max level clan perk..10..?mini maxsavage clan level 11?

  2. Nice as always Ed ?

  3. Yo Ed how was your day? And I have a question. Do you think InTheDark can beat Reddit Troopers?

  4. Show the end of the war with Imaginatic

  5. dam Ed I used to watch your channel when you were th10 . I was th9 then . I've moved up and no one is showing th10 war attacks no more . I'm doing OK but would like to see what you thinking of th10 now . please show some if possible. and is it wise to attack a th10 with dragons that have single inferno ?? hope your well . and nice videos bro . ?

  6. i enjoy so nush and learn from u videos

  7. ????❌❌❌ هاي بلكي تفهمها،،،

  8. ما ادري تفتهم شي من كلامي ولا لا

  9. يا أخي ولا يوم نزلت مقطع واضح ،،،بدل برنامج التصوير،،،فدوه لعينك????

  10. second jajaja

  11. First haha!