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Clash of Clans | FAIL FAIL FAIL – This is Why Jump Spells Suck – Rageeeee

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  1. If you clever enough to use jumps, they are equal to eq, when not better.

  2. Nice video Ed!

  3. Ed always makes me laugh. Keep it real Ed!

  4. Lol

  5. watching people in legends league fail makes, me feel better about when I fail in titan ?.

  6. Ed yesterday i got my First 3* against a th 11 ^^ With Queen Header and without jump

  7. Fuck u haters thats why im watching u

  8. On instragram Ed is like why the f people still use this strategy 🙂 i tell you im a spy lol

  9. .segundo ;v mirame mami, jaja na enserio a quien le importa quien sea el primero o segundo

  10. primer comentarioo