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Clash of Clans | FAIL GoWiWi Jump EQ Nubs Will Cri

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  1. só entendi essa parte blz nuuuubbsss

  2. Tx Ed. Ive got a few defence replays using the same base lol

  3. You should put Dizzy's gobarch in the intro on next episode :D

  4. nice ed ; )
    do you Ever do a giveaway? because i want to go in titan with my th 10 and cant boost without gems? so i want to ask u because u are the only person to trust that the giveaway is real ?❤ (nohomo?)
    (sorry for my bad english i'm german^^)

  5. Nice edd ??

  6. thanks for the good laugh everyday?? love the content when clouding ?

  7. blz noobs kkk

  8. Hi man!!