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Clash of Clans Fair Play Enforced!

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  1. i am using bluestacks on my account, is there any chance that my account will be banned even if i am not using any bot or mod on my laptop?

  2. what I don't understand is, why now?! Why didn't they address this problem like, when I started playing?

    Why announce this now when people have been cheating for YEARS?!

    Supercell has lost a lot of credibility and respect ever since my clan and all the other "fair play" clans have lost to these asian/Persian clans who cheat all the time and are part of the elite clan in the world.

    Go look for yourselves, they've been cheating for years!

    I highly doubt this will make any difference as any hacker can and will adapt and create new coding to cheat, not just in clash and royale but really any game.

    When the boy cried wolf so many times, the villagers paid no heed to the boy when the boy actually got mauled by the pack.

    Yeah, thanks but no thanks supercell.

  3. 3 downvoting modders so far

  4. Finally! This Hay Day modding is getting out of control..

  5. Heather, i used to love your vids… Can you get back to helping us building good attack strategies ?

  6. I absolutely loved the video, but the thumbnail was incredibly BRILLIANT!

  7. I'd love to join the celebratory hype train, but sadly I live in the real world. The struggle between botters and developers has existed in just about every major game ever and almost uniformly the botters have won. Until Supercell actually demonstrates that they can fix the problem permanently i'm going to remain a skeptic.

  8. it will be really interesting to see what will be left over from the big clans of the "fair play community" after they ban mods

  9. I'm so glad Supercell are finally taking this really seriously. Using modding is just plain unfair for all the fair players, especially in clan wars how the modders may use some trick making it impossible for the player that's playing fair to win. And they can't do anything about it.

    I'm just happy Supercell has stepped up and is now enforcing fair play! Remember 1 week to get rid of any modding 3rd party software, Supercell is watching.

  10. I love your videos Heather.Keep up the good work!

  11. Keep up the good work :-)

  12. woot 2xxxxx

  13. Me like modding 🙁 not enough time to practice. It's easier and let's me have good grades and a social life along with playing a game I love.

  14. When your so early you cant even watch the video because your internet sucks and its at 720 60p

  15. Could you make a tutorial for GoVaLo and GoVaHo for th9?

  16. You finally did is Supercell. Thank God!

  17. 34th view 4th comment

  18. she's alive!!!!!

  19. Love the vids Heather

  20. first to comment