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Clash Of Clans | FARM ELIXIR FAST! 3 PHASE FARMING [Max Your Grand Warden!] Th11/10

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  1. I still have a better and much cheaper and cooks much faster load out. I've been trying to tell you for months now. I know your viewers will love to see you make a video on it. As usual hit me up if you want and as always keep up the great videos I watch them all!

  2. welcome back buddy. your brothers in heaven right now.

  3. thx Ash! need my valks to be higher than lvl 2. :/ lab is cooking!

  4. wish my videos wer like yours ash

  5. انا احبك

  6. Does this work for th 9 too? or should we use different method

  7. Hey ash, I was wondering if you could give my channel a shoutout… I never get noticed on the community. It would help alot if you do this 🙂

    If not Its all good ? Ily

  8. Even though I am a th9 farming in masters 1, I still loved this video. keep it up Ash!

  9. damn, almost first comment…

  10. wow I'm early??

  11. Please do Th10 farming without the queen!

  12. Does anyone know how to farm without a queen? Having trouble lately

  13. what about the low level farmers? I guess it's simple huh

  14. Check Out This Clan: Crimson Raiders. Clan Tag:#YLLJQPP8L

  15. here.

  16. Great vid ash, glad you're back

  17. Wow 2nd view how!


  19. first