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  1. Nice video beaker

  2. I put my tesla at the town hall

  3. Beaker I'am th7 and I want to ask you if you can tell me a strategy for attack

  4. when are you gonna up your heroes?

  5. beak how many accounts you have? and what happened to your dreaday th9?

  6. Beaker can u give the ruthless 50 clan tag I would love too join I'm a town hall 8 name beast 300 and non rushed

  7. Im sick too… but not in a good way.

  8. game free for clash of clans

  9. Beak just make coc videos…… Its not burned out man…. Its still there and almost alll of your subscribers play that….. Please man never stop coc videos please……. Then there will only be one opt…. General tony….

  10. Beaker face it your the best YOUTUBE EVER!!!!!!!

  11. Nice vid!! Thanks so much for being a YouTuber!!

  12. Go to crystal 3 so many dead bases !!

  13. can you do your smaller clash royale account video

  14. Hey Beak, why don't you have xbows yet?

  15. what if he was a guy that watches you

  16. When you open clan??
    I'm th9-106lvl.. BK 10 lvl.. AK 9 lvl and have 601 stars from war.. can i come to your Clan???

  17. during the first raid, u could save those wiz minion wall breaker if ud just use hogs and that skeleton spell…

  18. Beak your the first you tuber I watched when I turned 13 like 4 hours ago

  19. 8:52 I thought the video was over XD

  20. This is the only channel i enjoy watching Clash of clans

  21. YO BEAK

  22. you should try

  23. nice beak!

  24. bro can i come ur clan beakers lab?

  25. Do you sell merchandise beak

  26. I don't put teslas near my town hall all outside. I put the teslas outside with the builder huts.

  27. Will you make a video on how to make your base

  28. Hey Beak

  29. Love seeing you play clash beak, great vid bro!

  30. got the the same league as you using your army beaker! thanks for the help

  31. Sup!

  32. Hey Beaker I want to jon your clan ? but your clan is closed my name is ahmad afghan I am th 9

  33. down load shadow fight awesome game every one

  34. You over react for ok loot, I'm th8 and I don't even think about attacking unless their is 2500 de, but you cream yourself

  35. beaker play clash royale

  36. try hybrid mini queenwalk goblin knife bro it rocks hard ;)

  37. banned players will not appear in search, no new dead bases will surface

  38. hey beak.. where is youre susie account?? is this???

  39. I get more loot than you every attack just from using barch (not dark elexier)

  40. Beaker you should do a dráw my life vid

  41. Maybe the first guy was your fan you dont know haha :D

  42. Ehh the loot is cool with me I'm where your at high th9

  43. Best CoC youtuber 100%

  44. Can you check out my clan if you ever go subscriber clan hopping. It's called NoClan it's in Australia and it's a lv3 clan

  45. I just became th9 a couple days ago what league should I farm in where I can find weak th9 bases with good loot and what attack strategy should I use?

  46. My mom got attcked my beaker
    She is a th 9
    I was scrolling through her defence i saw the attack was last week
    She is in crystal 2

  47. join my clan called !!LUNACY!! its a new clan we have two legends and a lot of titans we are active all day nonstop wars guys join

  48. thx beak your technique of attacking is awesome I use this technique always while attacking


  50. I love ur vids