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  1. man I am th8 with Max def for th8 but not walls lvl8… that is so hard for lvl8 and you upgrade walls for lvl 10 so easy:-(

  2. Ugh… Ive got 2 accounts; 1st th10 was rushed so bad at th9(lvl5 walls, lvl69) now recovered and my second th8 not rushed at all ( I've learnt not to) and I seriously want to upgrade it to th9 but it's got 3 archer towers and 3 tesla and 2 wiz towers left. Really want th8.5 but again, don't want to rush. Check out my bases in the clan Mediocre Memes #LVRYYR2C TortonPlays 1.0&2.0

  3. That's not pro farming I only use archers and I find at least 500k loot and I'm only level 70

  4. It's taking me soooo long to max walls for th8. Everything else is maxed but walls. Fml

  5. Beaker when are you going to get xbow

  6. Can u make a th9 farming base

  7. Beakers meth lab ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Guys how much time do you spend searching for loot?

  9. I'm 'pushing' to champion on th9 and I know it's not that big of a deal for most but I keep getting distracted by loot, damn, my farming instincts are kicking in. XD

  10. Guys how much time do you spend searching for loot?

  11. hey beak can you build a sick th10 base layout ? coz u never do base layouts

  12. I'm th8 all Lv7 walls and farming archer towers and teslas in silver leagues

  13. I'm a newish th9. still have th8 troops and a lvl 4 queen learning how to farm. all over again especially since I've been my troops are to week again most th9s and I've been without the ability to use both of my spell factories, but just 3 days till my factories are up to par and 1.5 million till I can upgrade my giants

  14. I'm a somewhat new th9 and I'm trying to get my heroes up just got my king to lvl 14 and my queen is lvl 11 using queen walk


  15. I love ur vids keep it up!??????

  16. I just got to th8 :D

  17. i got 2 acc one for th8 war and another is th9 on which im maxing my splash defences for now only 60 lvl8 walls remaining to ug to lvl 9 king up for17 and aq up for 19 farming in master 2and 3

  18. I am th6 and max to th9

  19. Legend player likes your channel….Topher

  20. funny fucker

  21. Why do you waste so much time bro? No reason to mess up even the easiest raides.

  22. I am th 7 doing goblins 5 giants and the rest barch

  23. x bows may be bad but they shoot really quick

  24. btw i am a leader of two clans named silvervine and GOD ARC i always advised my mates to checkout you out here.. youre the best ?

  25. whats happening to clan war matchmaking now beak.. my clan wage war, an all th 8 war but my #1 in rank is paired against a maxed th 9..

  26. 25 queen 21 king got the dark to upgrade him again and half my walls are maxed haha. Defenses maxed.

    Where's your th11 why haven't you re maxed it???

  27. Noob

  28. good attcks skills bruh!

  29. Just reached masters league for the 1st time and the loot is great! I have to gowipe to get it but that just means more practice!

  30. Awesome vids as always buddy ;)

  31. What do your barracks look like? I'm a th8 I would love to use this start.

  32. I quit clash … Really love Clash Royale tho amazing game !
    The ecstasy one gets after opening chests is wayyyyy better than any happiness clash of clans now offers.

  33. Great videos. How about doing one with lvl6 goblins. They're my new favorite troop.

  34. Maxing out my TH6:/

  35. I feel like beaker is one of the only youtubers who plays coc still I used to watch u alot I do still but only clash royale, coc is boring now for me at least.

  36. hey beak. i remember in one of ur livestreames u shouted me out, my name is MagesticGoat