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Clash of Clans: Farm To MAX FAILS! Failed Attacks on Low Level Bases…

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  1. I'm th9 but j just started it. I'm level 93 and have a level 7 queen.

  2. waaw 1 yesterday u was 750 now 850 greeaat broo

  3. waaw 1 yesterday u was 750 now 850 greeaat broo

  4. Nice vid :)

  5. Love this content! Can't wait for this channel to blow up I know it will!!!!!

  6. Klaus. I'm a th9er now. Just got to th9 about 2 days ago. I have a lvl2 arch queen. What league can I loot big dark elixir without loosing a lot of dark elix because many th10 attacks me always. Thanks klaus

  7. Hey Klaus I was thinking you should do base reviews that will be awesome BTW Love your channel

  8. TH8 level 84, just maxing my walls (189 left) and my last bombs/collectors before I jump into TH9. Had the same problem farming for my level 2 Golem last night (wasted a few heals) but I got it in the end. Think I started around the same time, but I don't have my 4th builder just yet.

  9. you don't suck

  10. Im lvl 117 and im a townhall 9 :)

  11. Your already my third favourite coc youtuber(coc with cam is first and beakers lab is second) check them out

  12. th9 with almost mid-high th8 lvl defenses, exp:90, started playing this year january 2016. i Also have like almost all lvl 8 walls, lvl 10 king and queen going lvl 10 too:)

  13. Hey Klaus can you do an upgrade and research priority guide for people that like to war primarily.

  14. comment question of the day: Do u have any favorite sports? mine is soccer

  15. th9 lvl 100 ive been playing since febuary 2015

  16. Th9

  17. th 9 lvl 92

  18. What Town Hall level are y'all? :)

  19. Im a th9 lvl 109 and i also started in the end or August 

  20. Just a few fails guys, I suck at attacking sometimes… How about you?

  21. First