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Clash of Clans – Farming and shield changes (Let the party begins! )

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  1. why did you leave the clan?

  2. How do you record clash of clans

  3. Update's bullsh*t…sorry,I just don't like that the farming strategy can be simply pushed away.I already had trouble storing loot,but now most of the loot is being stolen from the th.The fact that each time I get attacked every fifteen minutes with the lost of almost 300,000 gold and elixir and about 1000 dark elixer from either th 7 or above is frustrating,not to mention the waste of dark elixir coming from th 6 or even 5 it's ridiculous.I now have no choice but to protect my loot and th.Problem is,there's not enough walls to protect and spells like earthquake can just demolish those walls like nothing.I feel like the greed from supercell is trying to make us buy gems,which they won't be getting from me cause I'm just a casual player.Hate to break it to them,but the game is starting to fall apart

  4. merry slug mas you all

  5. hi

  6. I did not get that update yet

  7. buelve a subir coc el español porfa que me encantaban tus videos..

  8. its okay dude

  9. Hola chico

  10. thegamehunta suba CoC en español

  11. R u still going to plat empire and allies and dawn of stell

  12. hey

  13. My apologizes for the loud gameplay. After the latest update CoC is super loud when I do my streams or recordings.