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Clash of Clans Farming Highs and Lows – Road to Town Hall 9 (and 10)?

  1. more clash royale info ARRRGGGHHHH I WANT CLASH ROYALE

  2. Simples to fix farming,bring back th snipes don't award any league bonus for snipes(th just give 1,000 of each) award 100% of bonus for 50% damage of base

  3. if ur having trouble getting loot in th 9 just garch its a cheap attack so make alto of profit

  4. You got it absolutely correct I'm struggling as a th10 having no elixir because of heavy elixir armies to get loot

  5. Well I hope that supercell is working on the problems and that maybe that is why they aren't giving much feedback

  6. TH 10 here and i am stuggeling to get the last round of archer towers and canons upgraded. At 7.5 mil i get close and end up losing plus 400k. 🙁 I am getting to the piont where i dont even think its worth playing. Only thing really keeping me playing is the time i have invested in the game. hope some kind of balance comes soon.

  7. a gowipe with 2 golems, 2 pekkas and 3 rage spells at th. 8 takes about 90 minutes.

  8. they should leave the boosting at 1 gem its a start I been finding a lot of bases with a ton of loot in the collectors

  9. I am a th10 and the loot is HORRENDOUS.. I have tried from silver all the way to masters 2 and still have not hit the sweetspot. I am getting HAMMERED on def. 400k or more of each and 3-5k de… It's really bad

  10. I may be quitting the game. Comment and I'll select someone whom I will contact via email to win my account

  11. im a th10 farming in crystal2 and i dont have prob with finding loot

  12. TH 10.5 here. farming doesnt happen any more with barch w/ giants or the BAM. The frequency which i see a dead base or maybe a vacation base (where collectors are full) is very low but it does happen. You said either in a live stream or on a video that is could be because the town hall snipe bases are no longer out of circulation and they in essence hide the dead bases. I agree
    And I actually feel better how i get loot. I have to train up a decent army (minimum 30 min but usually around 50 because of a Go-something army) and go out every few hours to get a base that has mega loot (400k of each) and i hope to at least get to half the storages. So I attack all day but not in a row. supercell change where every attack I do needs to be with a good army. This helps my skill in war. so long term I think its better for the skill of players but it hurts the people who want to play it all the time or players that are bad at attacking with good troops….

  13. War is my farming. I'm a TH8 in the process of doing many, many upgrades, I'm in a great war clan and I can quite often get all the gold, elixir, and dark elixir I need over the span of a few wars.

  14. I'm at th9, and it's extremely hard to farm elixir cuz the only bases I'm finding that have loot are max th9s and you have to bring 4 spells to get anything from them

  15. Greedy bastards and only want you to push so u have to gem

  16. I have no problem with farming and i am th 9. I find a lot of dead bases now all my builders are busy upgrading defenses. You just have to know where loot is. And i strongly recommend Silver 1-Gold 3. Thank me later.

  17. dead bases are back!!!!!!!!

  18. im a th10 with 20/30 heroes, i was in champs 3 and i checked every league from chmps 3 to silver 3 and i didnt find collectors bases, i found a couple after the maintence but that was it, i didnt found one today ( skipped for 300k) and didnt attack for 18 hours because i cant find loot!

  19. im fine with the percentage loot. because many low ths are going up trophies and have so much loot by just destroying THs. now they dont want to play because they cant find THs outside and cant destroy 100% of a TH 10-11s. but im not good about the TH shield. because we need it to have more loot in saving for upgrade. and also the dead bases is needed. supercell is being so cruel. many players is playing fair by Their THs. and not gettimg this game so sucks. btw im TH9.

  20. They should add a feature where u can test ur base and attack it

  21. th10 no loot no funn anymore..

  22. Lol u suk at farming

  23. I cant say that farming is gone, but the more exact words is farming is much more complicated now. Before the update I always use barch attack on farming gives me good ammount of loot. After the updates came out looks like barch is not an option. Im a Pre-max Townhall 10 and still progressing

  24. I cant say that farming is gone, but the more exact words is farming is much more complicated now. Before the update I always use barch attack on farming gives me good ammount of loot. After the updates came out looks like barch is not an option. Im a Pre-max Townhall 10 and still progressing

  25. do a event for gobelin for the reinjecting of loot

  26. RIP COC

  27. off topic. but galadon i been playing for a while but have never really asked, whats the point of heroes to sleep or guard?

  28. I have a rushed th11, two maxed th9 and two th8 (one maxed pending walls, one just upgraded from th7). I literally don't pay attention to cups / trophy level period. 20% attack, 70% attack, I don't care.
    If I'm farming for gold, on the th8 or 9. 16wb, 16 giants. Each barracks trains 4 of each. Then I have the remaining training slots on barracks 1 train barb, barracks, arch, barracks 3,4 goblins. Spells on th8, two rage, one heal. + poison. Spells on th9, one jump, two rage, one heal.
    If my clan are active I ask for whatever they have, and a quake. Only get it like 25% of the time.

    EVERY attack using this comp I get over 200K of gold and elixir and MANY times over 2k of DE.

    My trophy level fluctuates between gold and crystal throughout the week depending on how people attack.

    Th11 rushed is just funny. Lvl4 barch and no spell attacks net 50-100k of each loot (excluding DE) about every 3rd attack.
    If you are attacking for elixir at th7,8,9 don't use spells, period.

  29. Ive just upgraded to th10 and its horrible, everytime i go on defence i get slaughtered. I just cant make it up with attacking multiple times, because there's not enough loot available.

  30. I'm a TH9 in gold 3. I am currently only farming for dark elixer and it is actually pretty easy to find TH8 's with a lot of dark elixer. so yes I have resorted to bullying TH8's. I use 16 giants, 8 wallbreakers, the rest barch. I also try to just use one spell like a rage or heal and of course a poison if needed. my complaint is that I almost never find dead bases anymore. before I only hit dead bases.

  31. no loot for TH10 from the last update im tiered of this game o like this game and farming is something i like to do ,i think i will quit anytime soon

  32. I am a max th9(other than walls and heroes) and I have no trouble finding dead bases as well as bases with loot in the storages. It has really been the same for me through out the sneak peaks and after the update.

  33. Barching is still very effective at th10, I've been attacking th9's and rushed th10's in master 2 and 1 and the loot is stacking up quick. Normally try to get as much % as possible without hurting king or queen. Im starting lvl 11 walls now and this strat is still very efficient for all resources :)

  34. thank you. Good video.

  35. I took your advice and quit. I was a th10 and it took 8 days to earn enough gold to max one wizard tower. The game had become a chore and I just wasn't having fun with it anymore. To make sure I wouldn't get weak and return to the game I changed by google password with my eyes closed then confirmed it by copy paste and logged out.

  36. galadon: I farm with max th9 and a maxed th10. at th9 it's not to bad. most of the layouts I come across worth attacking aren't to entirely difficult to attack. need better troops than giants archers and barbs. but the loot is out there for th9. TH10 on the other hand is completely different. 90% of the match ups are maxed th10 and 11. so almost to come out ahead on farming. before update I would attack every 25-35 minutes not boosted, but since the update its been increased to over an hour. some times 2. With the type of army needed to get loot. one good thing about the update is I got my life back just a little! :);) let me know what u think about this

  37. I am a th10 I use barch and it takes me about 30 minutes to find a dead base in gold league

  38. win or lose ….. sacrifice all your elixer…. the game is becoming intense… cant find any easy loot.

  39. And we th10's need to use so expensive troops which coast so much !

  40. Just fucking bring th snipig back nobody likes this UPDATE ! This UPDATE did just make players to QUIT the game ! And theres no loot at all!

  41. Supercell had already commented on the farming situation twice in forum announcements before you published this. Seems like your vids are posted long after recording.

  42. This has had a further cooling effect on my clan as i have the max troops they use to earn great loot. Since i am not in chat while my army builds their reqs are going unfilled for 2-3 hrs.

  43. If supercell doesn't change loot before the boost ends this will be the least loot ever available in clash of clans