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  1. hey

  2. fuck you lazovcino!!!!

  3. HI iam in th8 and i cannot find any dead base
    some one plz help

  4. its true!dead bases are removed!i have screenshots for prove i talked with supercell in help and support

  5. So because people are raiding YOUR base, somehow that means that everyone else has loot? You haven't even been here for 5 days. That's like saying "hunger doesn't exist in the world because I have sandwiches in my cupboard….how can there be hunger when I have food?"

    You're a moron.

  6. This is NOT farming. At all. Farming is using a very cheap and cost effective army. And you're attacking high level TH10s that either aren't worrying about finishing walls, or are saving for their walls and still have their loot heavily defended.

  7. Can i join your clan? Th9 with max defences finishing off walls now ? currently in champs

  8. You're also in champions.. there's plenty of evidence that supercell sets aside dead bases. my th8 was offline for a week and wasn't attacked for 4 days straight. Idk if supercell paid you to say this or what, but you can't say what you're saying based off only your base. Barching is dead and that is complete bullshit

  9. Wow, y can't I find them? Last time I can raid millions in an hr without boost and now it's completely shit

  10. how did your stuff get stolen

  11. Can anyone tell me why i can't see any dead bases anymore?

  12. Tony farming is dead man, you might find loot but it must take ages to find, soem people get lucky some dont! The majority obviously dont get lucky!

  13. are you from Sweden???

  14. q and a how would you set up a farming base with the new town hall (like how it holds the gold and etc.)

  15. Nice video Tony

  16. The barch starategy doesn't come in handy now ?

  17. I note how much elixir it costed to make the troops which is usually around 8-10K and in Silver 2 I find dead bases with 62K of each loot in the collectors

    I use barch btw and I don't understand why people cry when their base get 2 or 3 starred. I personally love seeing my base get 3 starred usually by a th 7 (I'm a th 6) because I get a 16h shield for my loot/upgrades to my defenses. People are so caught on trophies that they forget about what is really important which is loot and maxing out.

  18. Stfu tony farming is dead stop licking supercell's balls stop trying to convince people

  19. Sry

  20. Disliked bc of ads