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  1. thanks ash for contacting supercell! its very needed and will be amaazing if itll happen! im thhankfull <3

  2. NEED WARDEN AT TH9. sorry caps

  3. I agree with the th10 grand warden up 2 lvl 10 at least because right now is 2 though 2 find loot without expensives ways in terms of troops ,we need the new hero because now I'm in struggle farmin at th 10 and I really want 2 keep enjoying this game for time I spend playing in the past 2 years I've been playing ,I support your opinion fully because it's for the sake of getting so far and get stuck in th 10 ,I thank u for the support in that matter and trying 2 fix some minor issues in terms of making a better experience with the game we love ,thanx for ur support for the community and great ideas 2fix this problem the game 2 be fun again ,keep up the good work 2 solve this and I hope they hear us ,we need changes now 2 keep having a great time playing, love ur channel man and the simple fact that u want 2 give the community support, keep up the good content and solutions for the community I really appreciate that you are making a difference for the better, thanx man cheers ✊???

  4. the grand warden at town hall 10 would make the move up much less daunting. otherwise I think I'm a town hall 9 lifer.

  5. yes it would be very usefull plz im in th10 almost max now but suddenly crisis for economy comes the problem,,,i would be very thankful if grandwarden can be purchased at th10…. supercell dont be so cruel to us we love the game you should be considerate…✌✌✌

  6. best place for a th7.5 to farm? need to find a nice leage level for my second accaunt

  7. I don't see the problem with the new update. I farm the same way and in the same league as before. Champions league for TH 9 with a all in attack (gowipe).
    The only problem in the game is that only a few players are in Champions league farming. Most of the players still prefer the silver and gold leagues 🙁
    I wish more players will do trophy pushing in order to balance the system.

  8. warden for th10 will make it more tougher for th9

  9. th10 needs at least a lvl 5 grand warden

  10. our clan name is turtles we are a lvl 9 war clan

  11. great video ash I am a max th 10 and really focused on war so I've been putting off th 11 because I'm afraid of creating a unbalanced war for my team could you share your thoughts on that plz we currently run with about 7 th10s 25 th9s and a few th8s is there a balance for this or should I just stay th 10

  12. I would love to see the warden at th10. it would probably mess up the balance but sc could always tweek def strength as they go to get the balance back.

  13. Yes! Give us the Warden. It's so frustrating to constantly go for 2 stars at TH10.

  14. absolutely should have grand warden at th10

  15. hey ash, can you do a video like this for th8? itd be very useful. I'm talking to everyone everywhere, loot is gone, its getting hard in this update, what can the none max th10s do?

  16. I do agree with you about th10 being unbalanced but with the Warden being added to th10 if it were to happen I feel the th10 players would take advantage of the Warden and strike down more on th9 players instead even at lv5 with his ability already unlocked it can make a big difference even if th9 were to revenge them in this situation a freeze spell just won't be enough the while concept of your ideas is well thought out but it'll just make it feel like the whole your a th8 being hit by a archer queen situation all over again.

  17. I agree with you completely about the TH 10 Warden 5, it would help with the balance of the game overall! Thanks for the videos, can't wait for upcoming videos!

  18. I am nearly MAXED TH10 but my Heroes are just Level 20 and walls not completle level 9. I just started TH11 because i Need the freaking warden. I really can't farm. I will gemm the townhall At Christmas. Do you thinks thats ok with Heroes combi 40? Greetings from Germany

  19. I'm a mid th9 but i agree with the grande warden lv 5 for th10, makes so much sense and getting bigger bonus for higher leagues, i mean its common knowledge that u need good resources to push high as it drains your resources so need a big change there BIG CHANGE!!

  20. Warden for TH10 would be great!