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  1. I'm a town hall 9 and I'm finding lots of dead bases down in gold 3

  2. TH7 silver league I works best for me

  3. th6 and silver 1 gets u a decent amount of loot about 100000 loots on most bases

  4. Soooooooo… what's the best trophy range? We still didn't get an answer on that….

  5. Thanks for this video. This is the kind of video you need to stick with…less Clash Royale, less gimmick, back to showing your expertise and really helping the community! Keep it up!

  6. gold 3 and gold 2 are good

  7. th10 gold 3-2-1

  8. Thanks for video. I am TH9 around 3200 trophies and I find good loot, but I do use a good army. 20 giants 15 wiz some wbs and usually 4 quake. The bonus is good there and I actually like the attacking through shield.

  9. Bro, I need DE to upgrade my Hero and also G and E to upgrade walls. Now I am in TH 9 with both lv 17 Heroes. And which League should I stay in?

  10. th8 almost maxed gold league works a lot for meClan tag-y9uy8ovo im the th8

  11. Th11 and record is 5472

  12. what would be the best league to find dead bases at th 9?

  13. me th9 in crystal 1 and i need more loots for my walls and heroes..

  14. I'm a TH8, 1 third way through upgrading everything with maxed out elixer troops. I find amazing loot at 1400 trophies. I don't try to win or loose any battles, I just happen to stay at 1400 almost exactly using barch. You can find up to 550k of gold and elixer, or at most 2k DE

  15. Nice video gan, and I'd like to see High lvl war and game play (th9-11) if you could :)

  16. Can you make a video of the best attack strategies for th7 and up?

  17. Th8 and i maintain a trophy range of 1000 to 1200 ( Welcome to the dead base zone) i just traini 2 giants, 12 barb,24 arch and 2 wb in each barracks so it is in 13 mins my camp is full search for 5-10 mins hit a dead base when you are back almost 75% of your army is precooked no boost nothing best way to farm atleast for me it works

  18. hey gan I m th9 and my xp lvl is 144 I m not getting loot to up my walls to MX at th9 lvl plz tell me any league or trophies in between I can stay and find loot easily using barch or some giant+barch attacks I will b greatful to u….?

  19. I will slap everything, join me subscribe

  20. I'm a th 8 and the silver leagues have really good loot. lots of collector bases

  21. I've gotten an over 300k of each loot raid as th 6

  22. My th is 6 and the best leagues are silver 1 and 2

  23. th8 silver 1 and gold 3 😀 😀 :D

  24. Th9 I thought gold 1- crystal 3 is where it is at

  25. ching chong ping pong

  26. Th 8 lvl75 I have been farming in gold3 I have been finding good dark

  27. Like the loot

  28. Really interesting vid Gan ??

  29. Julia with the sweet loot

  30. there are tons of dead bases in masters plus you get the bonus

  31. th 7 – Silver 1

  32. 1 unsub

  33. Love the new format!

  34. @Clash On Gan i know you wont see this but i was wondering if you could post a video on times when to attack like peak times to find these collector bases, that would be really helpful