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Clash of Clans – Farming Strategy for Fast & Easy Gold and Elixir (Episode 3)

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  1. So is silver the best to farm with

  2. Hey Ash! I love your videos because they help a lot. I'm a new TH9 and I've been using this strategy but it always takes me so long to find a good base to attack for loot. I went to about 1000 trophies but it didn't seem to help at all. What trophy range do you recommend for farming all three resources?

  3. Video of farming without heroes or with queen down, please!

  4. Hey Ash . what's the trophy range you farm at ? i know it's silver but could you tell me what it is in this form 1250-1300 ?

  5. ash did u boost ur barracks for this raids ?

  6. hey ash can i farm in silver league for dark hunting ?

  7. Imagine a revive spell

  8. new farming strategy for th11 would be great, doing GIBARCH + With seems to be okay but seems to be hard to find a good league to farm it, Masters 1 at least give you enough loot bonus…

  9. How would you farm with th8 troops?

  10. can you make a video of farming for Th8?

  11. He Ash first off thanks for the BAM sessions it helped me learn a lot about efficiency and farming without heroes! Second my base gets 3 starred a lot ever since the TH11 update, I am not used to losing all my loot and it hurts. Have you ever felt this and how to get over it?

  12. how a th8 is supposed to cook this army? minus 4 giants? to fit 200 housing?

  13. After the short maintenance break this morning I also got this amount of loot in 1 hour with boostes barracks of course. I was using BAM like crazy. ^^

  14. Go farm dark elixir fast and easy pls.

  15. Hey ash. Love your videos, i use your dark elixir farming at th11. Can you do gold/elixir for th11? I dont have the option to attack th9. I'm looking for a quick way like your de strategy that uses 1 spell per attack and keeps the heros up

  16. Wich app did you use to draw the lines and circles??

  17. WOOHOO!! Boost ofense for 1 gem!!

  18. resources* 🙂 awesome vid whens next de ep?

  19. do you boosted your barracks?

  20. is silver ok for a th10 to farm ?? +Ash – Clash of Clans

  21. Ash waht league?

  22. Nice video ash :)

  23. Can you do Th10 farming please. Also what was the name of the somg in your Christmas loot video?

  24. ya no se puede usar Barching y buscar solo recolectores ?????

  25. Ash, do u use Mods?, cause I saw something in the vid that sais Drawing Mod

  26. +Ash – Clash of Clans : Drawing when live raid..awesome..I find difficulties to protect my elixir and gold .. I am at middle defense building.Not max..Any suggestion to protect res, with middle defense, or Base Design ? I am 15/15 heroes at Master3. Thanks

  27. Do you upgrade your king nonstop? i never see the king with u in ur raids

  28. Do you guys like the new borders with the Witch and Larry the Skeleton? Let me know! :)

  29. Guys, don't forget to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe and if you want to see more great stuff. I do this as a hobby on my free time, so your support really drives me in making more of these great videos!

  30. Let me know if you guys want to see how I farm without heroes in the next episode or another cool strategy with the Archer Queen.

  31. Thanks to the 1 gem event, I've been finding lots of big fishes. Loot is really starting to pick up, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!