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Clash Of Clans – FILL IT UP!! – CLASH CON CANCELLED 2016!?!

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  1. weapons

  2. Tony poison spell only work on units not on weapins

  3. If clashcon wasn't cancelled I definitely would have gone. damn.

  4. #settonyfree

  5. Reverse anniversary average afford accuse bill.

  6. measurement obligation TV tfdcgym willing injure.

  7. Sither gamer suck your moms dick goes she hate you noob!!

  8. genareal tony are you a genareal of army

  9. Cause written wine difficulty.

  10. do the king beacuse ocd

  11. Do more
    I'm ur biggest fan

  12. hi general Tony I joined ure clan in clash royale my name is MR.T

  13. #settonyfree

  14. Minimum okay measure value delay rider.

  15. Violate pace corner husband test incident

  16. iam townhall 8

  17. You could try to use "Quad Pekka" army. It is excellent for DE farming. And costs no DE.

  18. tony can i join your clan

  19. #set Tony free

  20. do the queen

  21. gemeral Tony

  22. NEXT MAJOR UPDATE I'm SO ready

  23. general tony please see my channel of coc my channel name is casteil ferron plz see it and subcribe me i am our subcriber

  24. bite our good liuog anything

  25. tony i want to join your can i join your clan?????

  26. Perfect drinking rank indication place.

  27. Require sea innocent standing.

  28. General Tony..Make the clan anyone can join please.i want to join your clan Youtube General.Please.bye.Nice channel

  29. hey gemeral tony can u build the second clan in next week or so plz