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Clash Of Clans – FINALLY UPGRADE TIME!! – Town hall 11 Close To Max CoC 2016!

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  1. hey tony use your old intro that u used like 7monthes ago

  2. Why does the video repeat itself a little?

  3. tony can u look at your dm on instagram my name is reggie young (i have a nwa pic) please reply

  4. when u will open the clan its night so i cant join but i want to join

  5. general tony i did like to join your clan
    so can you changed to in vite only

  6. at which time will u open clan i want to join ur clan i m th8 player almost max

  7. level 11

  8. 11

  9. Every 5th like or sub will get a legendary out of their next chest they open

  10. hey tony your trool clan is closed

  11. when u r going to open tht troll cln

  12. I found that second clan but its still closed… :/

  13. Plz tony can I join your clan Plzplzplz

  14. your clan is closed

  15. how u get alot of gems like this is it from youtube ?!

  16. to everyone in the UK!!! good luck waiting till 2am in the morning to join the clan

  17. General…can you make your troll clan in anyone can join??….pls.

  18. i bet as soon as the clan opens i wont be able to join because everyone will get there b4 me!!

  19. I cant find

  20. I think general Tony forget to open his troll clan…….?

  21. I wanna win

  22. I really want to join my name on clash of clan Is coc awesome

  23. I really want to join my name on clash of clan Is coc awesome lower trophies to 1,700 and anyone can join plz do that:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)

  24. I wished I had a chance to join the clan but I'm from Australia and I will be a sleep when the clan opens my mane is Daniel big fan and loved your videos

  25. I'm your biggest fan and if you read this can you put your clan at anyone can join 1,700 trophies plz in and a YouTuber to I been Making clash of clan videos

  26. Plz open clan I really want to try beat ur troll base but I'm only town hall six and I'm rubbish

  27. yo tony im th7 and finally gettin drags i bookmarked the clan and any advise tell me if u can shout me out

  28. yayaya i join ols mememememe

  29. How long from now on will the clan open?

  30. When was the clan name said

  31. hey wanna join ur clan open your clan it's closed

  32. Yeah there was a cut over

  33. I did it

  34. I found the clan tony :)

  35. n

  36. when do you empty the clan for new people to joi

  37. Sub to me and watch my vids and I will sub to you on 2 accounts

  38. i also want to join my name is nafi

  39. Plz. Open clan

  40. mors toll base for th 8

  41. ha lol, when is the clan opening ?

  42. anyone else see at 2:00 he did a retake?

  43. You know it

  44. at 1.56 you put the same clips ._.

  45. The King is the tank for the queen so they both need to go together

  46. king is better

  47. general tony i got your clan just open it

  48. king won both

  49. king did better he had no healers