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Clash of Clans – FIRST LEGENDS ATTACK IN HISTORY! INSANE ATTACK on a Legends League Player! + UPDATE

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  1. Now that the 1 gem boosts are gone, loot has really dropped. Lol

  2. When do you think that they will come out with a new troop? Another do you have a gf? Or you gay

  3. CQOTD: Are you gonna start your vids with webcam or nah.

  4. Plz use as common question of the day

  5. CQOTD: Do you think Supercell should Allow resource trade in clans, but with restrictions… amount wise, and controllably, and fairly, it would be cool.
    Like if u agree!

  6. Loot is getting way better, I'm a th8

  7. you can take 3% of treasury. And loot crate is 20% of stolen loot

  8. Not first in history
    view whoring found

  9. do u think clash will add some new towers and maybe traps into the game?!


  11. It would be better if it were a day and not 24 hours

  12. Yeah you can still lose loot in the treasury

  13. Loads of dead bases since the update at town hall 8 in the gold league

  14. CQOTD can u do more than trolling vids pls

  15. CQOTD: Why don't you play Clash Royale?

  16. Lol I'm a townhall 6 and the second air defense actually helps a lot.

    CQOTD-when is your war against Cam? Or did I miss it like the idiot I am ;-;

  17. I watch ur videos while eating popcorn

  18. Last

  19. People still take my loot from my Treasury! It's bullshit dude

  20. CQOTD are you gonna watch the superbowl and who will u think will win :)

  21. CQOTD are you gonna watch the superbowl and who will u think will win :)

  22. Who You?

  23. CQOTD: when you do reach legends do you plan to stop playing clash and focus your channel on cod or something?

  24. For a second I thought that you were gay, in the beginning of the discussion ?

  25. it's changed for th7

  26. what is intro music?

  27. Lol nice attack ??

  28. CQOTD where you a police explorer or cadet back in the day ?

  29. I love your videos

  30. It feels like they removed dead bases once again since the loot problem is "fixed". I've been in silver league and earned around 3mil gold, elixr, and 10k de in a hour during winter break. But now, I can barely go for 1.4 mil in a hour with 3k de because I can't find a single dead base