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Clash of Clans | FIRST WAR EVER | Th 3 vs Th 5 Funny Attack Fail?

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  1. @Clash with Cam could you open your clan so I can join? I am a half maxed th8. I would really like to join it because I want to learn and grow with you and be able to my attacks well. My clan tag is #2JOOVL9Y and my name is Unknown_Legend. Please read this and if you don't then I will be watching to see if you open the clan. Keep up the good vids!

  2. Look at the lava pup "pee" it's follow the skeleton

  3. Can u Open up ur Th8 clan or nal? + Can u post a vid where u go back and watch the vids from the first vids that u have ever done and see how much it has changed

  4. waht does it mean if a clash is pushing ? how do you do that and whats the benefit of it ?

  5. CQOTD:how do you get nervous on your th11 acc and not any other acc?

  6. CQOTD:Are you jealous of christian bcoz he is a batter attacker than u ?????BTW Cool video very funny intro…!!!♡♡

  7. I tried to join your th 3 account's clan but was immediately declined

  8. my clan – The Pirate lvl 7 clan my name is anthonybro in the clan

  9. CQOTD:How can we join party or pro. Why did you left Mustang Pride

  10. Hey Cam, it would be great if you could check on our clan ! (It's MC2.0 level 3 with the most trophies. We would greatly appreciate your support. Thanks !

  11. My clan is CamaroBro'sArmy Join it please or check us out Leader is MVPNoScopez


  13. "has your son decided what he wanted to be when he is older?" i asked

    "yes he wants to be a garbage man" my friend said

    "thats a wierd thing to want to be at his young age" i said

    "no its not because he thinks the garbage man only works on Wednesdays" my friend said


  14. nice video mate. :)

  15. Hey cam what screen recorder do you use

  16. hi

  17. cam be like"there so much at stake here"(im like)"nigga it just a game what u tryna do save someones life or something"

  18. will your girlfriend ever attack in your wars again she did better than u jk

  19. i am an elite 3 star war specialist iam th8 level 86 max drags, archers, barbs, loons, wizards, pekka, lightning, and defenses axcept for walls and 2 teslas. walls are all level 7 and my king is level 8 about to go to 9. and i have over 400 war stars. can i join Cam.

  20. CQOTD: what's your favourite troop?P.S. Can you make a th7. Version of your th11 base

  21. But how can u war with the clan of your choice?

  22. Can you join the clan black disorder it is a level 4 clan. We really need some advice we don't no what we are doing wrong:(

  23. dude, u should attack on a computer!! that way u wont set two haste spells with nervous fingers!;) i like ur vids tho!!

  24. Cam you don't suck at attack you swallow attacking

  25. Sign here cam:

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | ____________________ |
    | |