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Clash of Clans – FREE LOOT EVERYWHERE! CLASH GOD RAID! Getting New Town Hall 11 + Loot Boost!

Clash of Clans Gameplay & Commentary! Do you like Clash of Clans? Yea you do! Since you like Clash of Clans, check out the links below for more! WORLD’S …


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  1. I can't find any loot no more it'd kind of making coc boring now

  2. silver is the new best league for farming and a good loot find I can find 1 million loot if I am lucky if not 500 k a raid if I don't uses barche but i. use barche a lot

  3. 450k gold 425k elixir not bad for non maxed th7

  4. I just started a series called 'Noob plays Clash of Clans' I need your guys help!

  5. White your my favorite CoC YouTuber

  6. my xbox one was my best present

  7. What do you use for recording??

  8. AirShou invitation code giveaway on my channel. Info video up today or tomorrow and winners announced New Year's Eve :)

  9. 360p

  10. CQOTD:Have your parents ever react to your videos?

  11. whats with the quality

  12. Once managed to find a 7k dark raid and got all of it back when super queen worked better. It still works but it's a lot harder vs th10s but oh well!

  13. Best Loot Raid So Far-
    •534k Gold
    •556k Elixir
    •2k DE
    • Gold ||

  14. farming is terrible for me its not that im losing a lot on defense I just cant find as much loot as I used too the bottom leagues are dead no more loot I've been forced to go to masters league just to get loot Im a th9 and before the update I would be able to upgrade 2-4 walls to lv10 every day and now I can only upgrade 1 or 2 every other day its just terrible at this point I dont even wanna bother maxing th9 anymore but on the dark elixir side 2-3K per raid :)

  15. CQOTD:Should they buff the new defense? Which means new troops levels as well?

  16. 1.6million gold, 1.3 million elixir, 6thousand de and a 3 star

  17. I found 1.5 mil

  18. CQOTD: Have you got any pets?

  19. CQOTD: if you had a commercial like cam's how would you react and what do you think it would be about?

  20. I got a new gaming pc!!!!