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  1. i dont know if u guys saw it in the title.. "friednly"?

  2. awsome videos bro your aloy better then ash with clash and gaylord tony you cool and relaxed and funny like PowerBang

  3. name of music at 00:23???

  4. 4:40 that guy is a panish CoC youtuber :D

  5. Friendly**

  6. مرحبااااااااا فهمتو شي هي فهمتو

  7. Lmao we can dance if we want to

  8. bruh ur voice is hella catchy ? keep up the good work godson ?

  9. godsonnn

  10. Did anyone notice the 'FRIEDNLY WARS' in the title hahaha

  11. Friedly :')

  12. why there is no friendly wars and bomb towers in clash of clans

  13. there is no bomb towers my clash of clans don't need update

  14. can u help me get my clash of clans acc pls

  15. ?????حلوا ?????انطوا تشتراك

  16. Anyone else notice the level 20 clan ??????

  17. Haven't watched/played clash of clans in years?

  18. I did ??????

  19. At around 44 seconds the music is from a film called Van Helsing

  20. "Fried nly wars"

  21. can we do friendly wars WHILE having the real war?

  22. It says friednly instead of friendly

  23. lol galadon was on the enemy clan

  24. I wouldn't have clicked the video if it wasn't for the typo, nice strategy

  25. It was a level 20 clan

  26. The update for android is not out yet plz tell us why out for ios not for android yet.

  27. anyone

  28. how????

  29. What is the music?

  30. oh yeah and do u have custom pic things like mine is a barb and urs is a goblin and if it is custom can i tell me how

  31. big fan

  32. Godson did u just say next sneak peek video ? ;)

  33. plz reply

  34. very nice video but in which clan are u plz come in my clan

  35. god son ur my favorite youtuber and thanks for making videos ?

  36. godson the song at the end of the video is not yours is from a spanish youtuber fernanfloo


  38. I love friednly battles

  39. 23 lvl clan? what?

  40. the hidden tesla looks different or is it a new lvl

  41. show base th 9 please