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Clash of Clans FRIENDLY BATTLE UPDATE – Thoughts & Ramblings

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  1. *orking method for unli mited GEmssss IS .. Try it now, I just added GEMsS from here!! *

  2. I used to support the fair play community because I felt like it was about fairness at its core. It wasn't fair that modders had an advantage through something that was considered cheating. Now I am starting to wonder if the fair play community is just made up of lazy people. Honestly, the reaction to this change is really frustrating to me. If everyone has equal access to this tool the only reason to rally against it is that you don't want effort to be rewarded in wars.

  3. First I'd like to say I like your calm voice. Some clan channels are clearly just for hits and yell obnoxiously. You have taught me a lot and are easy to listen to. This game has become too balanced, the troops don't act consistently, the AI influences who will win the match. Keep up the good work Dan.

  4. Clan wars is done..this is legal modding

  5. I think its a stupid question, but what's Bindl? I want to join your DDD2 clan. I am a almost maxed th7 with lvl 2 hogs and lvl 5 king, lvl 2 drags and all other maxed troops and spells (except minions which are still lvl 1). I can 3 star ANY th7 with Surgical hogs, thanks to your videos. I am in Gold 3 so I would be able to join if you decrease the trophies to 1400 for a day, and inform me.

  6. i want to join your clan, my nick is "Aslan" if you make thropies 2000 i can join i am elite nine pls ?

  7. sub me and i will sub back with my 4 accounts…!! just cmnt done after your sub

  8. Do u know when it will be inn the game?

  9. The video is a bit odd? Why is there a black ring? Btw thanks for this vid, Iv been waiting for your thoughts on this:)