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Clash of Clans | FRIENDLY CHALLENGE FIX! We can make this not ruin Wars!

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  1. What about logging in an alt? taking a screenie… leave, build it and join back? you would have been able to make it… but otherwise great idea!

  2. Good luck! From Clan War Pros it will be a good one??

  3. You could just use the same base but move one wall piece, switch a AT with a WT, or move around some mini bombs to avoid the cooldown. The bases will almost be identical so you could still sandbox and get almost exact same result as the actual base in war.

  4. So far the best solution i have heard…nice one buddy!

  5. how about just deactivating that feature while in war!

  6. I don't understand what the problem is, they tried to stop modding, they couldn't so they gave us all the ability to mod? Now EVERYTHING is fair

  7. thought about that too…the only problem is that if you wanna keep testing a base design of yours, that could be a problem because you can't change the base after you see some problems on it…that's why I think you should be able to do s a certain amount of tweaks on an existing base after every friendly challenge..

  8. I will simply join another clan during war with one of my team mates and copy the base there.

  9. Good idea, I didn't come up to this myself. Thanks crave ;)

  10. bro pls upload th9 war attacks i want to expertise valkyrie attacks i made her lv4 this week.U guys are awesome in clan wars.keep it up.

  11. like that idea

  12. Blocking friendly challenge during war day could be good. It's only 24 hours. In prep day it could be enable and players would change base last second and make this strategy even better.

  13. No, no and no. There should just be an option for leader to disable it for his clan. Some people really like it how it is, including me.

  14. same thoughts over hear at CS hopefully SC hears about this

  15. YES!!!!

  16. i like this idea, however it would kind of kill the idea of testing base designs as you would need to wait 47 hours between making adjustments after you see your clan mates attack it

  17. sir, you are a genius.

    this really would make this friendly battle mode viable. I'm a fan