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Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge Update Solution

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  1. I think Heather hit the nail on the head. Leveling the playing field without having to take away the fun. The thing is, if Supercell follows this plan, what is the point of a preparation day at all? As a kingdom member, I truly appreciate the way Heather approached the problem, but don't see the point of watching a persons global base for 24 hours

  2. now especially I agree

  3. Keep up the good work on the vids

  4. This is the only solution: just block freiendly battles while in war!

  5. they can see the base once war starts. then they practice it

  6. Select one of your 6 bases to use for friendly battle. The village owner can cycle through all bases and edit as often as they want and select that edited base right away for a friendly battle. (No changes to function of upcoming update as I understand it from the information released by SC).

    Now the fix (to help prevent "sand-boxing"): Very Simple…

    Once war prep begins the selected base for friendly battle is automatically LOCKED IN and CANNOT be changed until war ends. Village owners can still invite their clan mates to friendly battle as often as they want, just wont be allowed to select a new/edited base for them to attack, until current war ends.

    At anytime account owners can still edit their 6 bases as they see fit, even while in war. They just won't be able to "select" an edited version / different base for their clan mates to attack until war has ended.

    No need to not be able to have friends attack your base for 24hrs every time you make a change…can still edit, just not switch the "selected" base while in war. While not in war, can switch as of tens as you want, but in war it is locked in.

  7. y I can't join ur clan I'm a th8 in crystal league wat more does ur clan want to accept me in

  8. Great videos Heather, keep them coming, hello from Ireland ?

  9. the best idea is to not allow friendly battles during war.

  10. You all are proposing solutions to a problem that doesn't even exist yet! Why not wait and see what we get first? Like mature adult humans…

  11. This will make it a problem for people who are using bases who are being used by lots of people

  12. I love how now Clash Royale is now taking the throne
    and Coc finally listening to fans instead of making updates barely anyone likes

  13. hey just another idea in millions but the enemy can't see your war base untill war has been declared with your clan. so why not block the friendly challenge for the waring clans? participating or not.

  14. Watching this video gave me some new idea. Here is my current solution (version 3):
    1) If you create a base the base gets a timer of 30 hours. After 30 hours it can be used for challenges
    2) Preparation day is split into 2 phases: The first phase is 17 hours, where you can edit your warbase. In this time only the farming base is shown. After the 17 hours the warbase gets active and cant be changed any more. The second phase of 6 hours is to plan your attacks. cc troops can be donated to warbases the whole time.
    3) You are allowed to move a certain number of buildings until the base timer is reset. I suggest maybe about 20-30 changes. Walls and traps are not counted as a building.
    4) There is a "copy base" button. You can copy the farming base, warbases or challenge bases. The base timer is copied with the base except for copying enemy warbases during war where the timer is reset to 30 hours. Every time you edit the base the counter goes up. There is room for a few "swap that building with that", but no major redesigns.

    Additional suggestions:
    5) Challenges and replays should not be shown in the clan chat tab, but an extra tab so they dont get lost like donations in a busy clan chat.
    6) Troops as spells should not be build with real ressources, but you should be able to add them in the troop confirmation dialog. The last used army is suggested automatically.
    7) You should be able to practice on any base after war is over
    8) Warbase import/export feature to share some bases over the internet. This would save a lot of time, will be fun and they can be challenged immediately. A simple RSA signature can be added by the COC server to ensure the file is not manipulated.

    2) I would really hate if I can start planning attacks and building my army only after war has started. For international clans without fix start times this is not a big deal, but we always start war day at 7pm so we can do most of our attacks on the first day, but can also make the second attack the second day after work if needed.
    3) I dont think the base layout of walls defines the characteristics of a base so much. If you are not that creative there are not so many wall base layouts that make sense. We dont want to open loopholes where a clan hosts a library of wall layouts where you can copy the base and add your buildings to it. Traps are not counted so you can try out several possible trap locations or you could make a new challenge for your clanmates rotating the traps (simulating a fresh attack).
    4) Copying bases saves a lot of work and there is no reason for a cooldown on an old base design.
    5) Challenges can go over days, the clan chat is full in less than 30 minutes if it is active
    6) If you want to practice you want to try out different stuff. Building a 5K+ de army for a challenge and using it for farming getting 2K de back seems like a waste to me. If troops are free, they should be really free. Also when doing speed wars in the clan build times are not good.
    7) If you want another try against an enemy base you want to try it with his defense levels, not yours. For example if you are a max th10 practicing 3 star strategies against a new th10 you should not have to find a th10 with similar defense levels to make a challenge. Maybe you want to exploit his weak ads but cant do it with your maxed ones.
    8) If we are playing a lot with this feature our 2 unused warbase slots will be full very fast (using farming slots is a pain because of obstacles). Also sharing your bases by providing a screenshot or visiting a foreign clan making a challenge to copy it does not seem very practical.

  15. Hey I love the videos on clash of clans. Could you give me a review on my clan

  16. Watch the king and balks at 2:50


  18. You are a clash Tutor not a news reporter. So why are you doing stuff about news? But you can do what you want too.

  19. heather i TOTALLY love your idea, please make it come true!!! I beg you xD

  20. I think the solution is easy: right now I have 6 bases saved, 3 farming; 3 war. All 6 of those bases are available for friendly attacks. BUT, if I edit or alter any of those bases, whether it be moving one wall piece or completely changing it, then it is not available for friendly attack for 48 hours. This should be if you are in a current war or never war at all because people will create second accounts or second clans just to copy bases from their current war and attack in their non-war clan second account.

  21. what about saving more bases? like a new tap, the friendly battle tap where you could save 6 bases

  22. why havent got my update yet??

  23. Love the vids u do, just they are so Good. KEEP IT UP!

  24. I find all the complaints about the new system to be ludicrous. Nobody is forcing you to use this feature to practice. You are free to play the game with whatever level of dedication you see fit. The fact that so many Youtube figures are essentially throwing a tantrum because they don't want to invest time into winning blows my mind. Imagine if a Basketball player publicly stated that he/she thinks that practicing free throws should be banned because it isn't very fun, and if you allow it then all the players are going to have to do it to remain competitive. We would all think that player was crazy, but that is exactly what is going on here!

  25. i love your vids! i'm a half year a subscriber of you.. and your such a underrated youtuber… i am going to notify my friends!

  26. You are my new favourite youtuber keep up the good work & love those ideas looking forward for the update! ♡

  27. I'd say during preparation day turn the feature off. so it would be like a normal war without the friends challenge.

  28. sounds like the modders are pissed bc theyd no longer have the upper hand. and as far as the 24 jr wait to pratise inner clan?? why bother w the update if you have tocwait 24 hrs to have a little inner clan competition

  29. being able to practise against a certain base would be nice.. itll run its course bc so many people use internet bases anyway. u cant say the masses arent currently using them….. so at best this new update will help players identify certain bases and what to use.. fair play right? that also includes empowering all the folks who dont have to mod to win. fair play!

  30. What I propose, Beaker propose to Beaker :D

  31. What is preventing people from building and practicing on enemy bases now? Except for the fact it'll use resources and troops, it's completely possible now.

  32. Supercell will implement something to incorporate fair play into friendly challenge I'm sure.

  33. Love it!!!!

  34. I am a th 7.5

  35. I need a war clan

  36. Here is what I propose:

    1 – Show the enemy home/farming base on prep day to the other clan. War base only visibly once the 24 hour war day starts. (No need to have to change your war base to throw the enemy off and then forgetting to change it.)
    2 – 24 hour hold on new base designs before they can be used for friendly battle. However, after 24 hours, allow editing of all aspects of the base, except walls, without a new 24 hour lock.
    3 – Allow copying of clan mate's bases at any time and also the enemy's bases once the war has ended.

  37. So what's the point of prep day then?

  38. after i saw this update news
    i quit clash royale
    i quit bloons
    i also quit fucking HAY DAY