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Clash of Clans – FRIENDLY WARS ARE HERE! – Sneak Peek #4

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  1. Man looks like PB works for SC now, wars with no loot or xp, really that's what "we" all have been waiting for? This isn't for the regular clasher.
    What happened to the new achievements list, or goblin map for gems, what a jip.

  2. they should have the editable war prep on real war too.. sometimes the clans dont want to wait a whole day for war, for another day… quick war, less xp depending on how long the war

  3. Letting heroes to be used in war while upgrading will put the cherry on top of this update

  4. Hey powerbang come visit my channel¡ i had started it recemtly it is a war attack youtube channel

  5. Awesome videos PB

  6. Hah.. Mingsingling.. What a dope.. Go chase somr pokemon u fool.. Durp

  7. MingSingLing??? Fck you all! #unfair_banned

  8. Im gonna smack all u modders right in the head

  9. Loons is your fav troop

  10. So obvious your favorite troops currently is miners you use them all the time ?love the content PB keep up the good work!

  11. Pb does town hall 10 get LV 9 mortars man please answer I wanna know so bad

  12. i dont have twitter 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(

  13. Stoked about this, but i think they should make 1 small adjustment. Sense you dont gain loot or exp your heros should be available even under Upgrade! This will allow you to practice as if your in war when your heros are down.

  14. Instead nobody let analyze enormous.

  15. do starts earned in friendly wars increase the war stars on our profile?

  16. Do you think SC would add a feature to build armies from the war page? That way while you're planning on an attack you can get your troop comp fine tuned instead of going back and forth from the war page to your main base to brew troops?

  17. Can the friendly war's be exploited by allowing people to practice newly created bases (ones they are trying to 3 star in an actual war)? I can see people running 5v5's all day to try and crack a base for their clan. Lets say im in a tough war and we can't 3 star the enemy #1. I could ask some friends to copy his base, then set up a friendly war, and then i can have them take their best shots at the base. And since Friendly wars are so short, they can do this over and over again. Just something i feel you should talk to Supercell about, maybe add a 24h cooldown on using a layout as your active war base.

  18. PB, why do you say you need 5 participants, but when you selected 2 or 1 it showed that you could send the challenge.

  19. #BringBackJake!!

  20. l ouverture au Esport mamed

  21. How about a friendly challenge war.. Meaning to say u can war with your own clan members to keep our guys busy.. Then we can reward our selves with lets say some elix coins or d.e equally distributed to all the participants when they win the challenge. Or perhaps by percentage depending on the war base weight. Then all participants can put a bet like choosing any amount of either coins elix or d.e so there can be a reward for the winning group after the result of the challenge. Just for the the sake of fun and to build teamwork.. What do u say?

  22. Who gets to accept friendly wars? leader or all cos

  23. uh, cool?….when will we use it? lol. seems like youll never be able to do it if youre like my clan and are constantly in real war…this isnt a great option for AWs either since the roster weight is on the "honor system"

  24. Remember the friendly challenge sneak peak? and why it was adjusted to 24hrs after the base is built? Well what will now prevent the 10 ppl that are not playing war to split in 2 teams and 3* test every 3 min util they figure it out?

  25. its stupid due to the matchmaking!!

  26. horrible sound

  27. this friendly war thing is pointless.

  28. coalition knock wonder constantly course.

  29. How do y'all record yalls clash of clans?

  30. can a clan host multiple fwc's simultaneously?

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  35. is sc going to address engineered bases?

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  41. #RIGGED

  42. what about th lvl? challanges friendlywar with 5 th9s gets accepted with 5 th11!! lol !!!!


  44. no loot!?!?

  45. PB – 2 questions – can you do a friendly war for those not in a normal war simultaneously? And do you have access to your heros if they are levelling up in a friendly war. Asking both of these as main reason my clan mates opt out of war is to allow hero upgrades and having a yes for both would be great for engagement.