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  1. How old are you beaker

  2. watch my videos

  3. 4:25 Anyone else get really annoyed when he starts another raid with almost full storages?

  4. You rush

  5. Yeah …nice vedios beaker keep it up bro !!

  6. love your videos and your pretty funny

  7. beaker do u nees fue chest.opening from the tourny of no i hot Second place in israel

  8. please check my channel out please 🙂 If you like my content Please Subscribe Thanks, Be safe have a good day

  9. you have rushed base too dude… ;)

  10. which league is it?

  11. am i hearing music in background haha

  12. +Beaker u have gmail/mail/email i need to send u somethn

  13. ??????????

  14. yo beak can u help me out in upgrading my heroes much faster nd pls tell me the league for better loot raids

  15. Uses 5 spells Calls it farming

  16. 8.5 million?!!!!! Dear lord, coc is going to be the death of me one day. Great video man! ??

  17. What's wrong with your last video ?

  18. Full storage and raiding #Fail

  19. hey guys, i just finished my townhall to lv9, any tips that i can use for being an 8.5?

    (i'm not going to take the normal upgrading route since my clan is war heavy and getting everything to max th8 level will take too much time and it will terribly hurt my base weight)

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  27. Awsome raid

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