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Clash of Clans from the Beginning with MrsJake Episode #1

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  1. Good Luck MrsJake!! Welcome to the game :)

  2. This was hilarious and I love it

  3. Love the video Jake! You have a very beautiful wife! And you are very beautiful yourself.

  4. cant wait to see mrs.jake and mrs.pb do an arranged war.

  5. I like this idea for the new series ^^

  6. I recently stopped watching your videos because it was getting repetitive but this series interests me and I think it's a great idea

  7. Hi guys. New clan channel here bringing you 3* content at all TH levels, wars, farming, pushing, base design and general clash action! Check out our clan 'True Mini' and our Twitter page @TrueMiniClan

  8. Haha this is great

  9. Hype

  10. Am I the only one that though she was asain before she started talking with a country accent?

  11. Like it!

  12. next episode: Mrs jake got addicted and dropped 10k to max her base, she starts modding and used jakes account to relentlessly hunt OH. Out of fear jake gives her his yt channel and account and jake is never heard of again

  13. The huge list of questions is always part of getting someone started on clash ???

  14. When will she eat kimchi live on camera?

  15. Will mrsjake be joining onehive Jake?

  16. Why were your fingers crossed when you said about Mrs. Jake "maybe a war person" :p

  17. Wow, you really out kicked your coverage with her. Nice job

  18. I want a screen recorder app for iPad without jail break.. anyone know ?

  19. 3:38 Are they looking for work??

  20. welcome to the community Mrs Jake!

  21. She smiles like that all the time? ??

  22. you've just started ruining her life jake!
    she'll got addicted… ?