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Clash of Clans from the Beginning with MrsJake Episode #2

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  1. becarefull jake she might become the master instead of the student

  2. dam shes born to play clash haha

  3. Lol jake you jackass :DD "You are? This takes focus? scratching chin Anyway, nice video, keep it going :D

  4. I remember when the mortar was fucking awesome

  5. Hopefully yall war soon get into a clan of all th3s

  6. Mrs. Jake FTW

  7. One hive I was wondering if I could join ur clan i am a maxed th8 except for walls their lvl7

  8. I think at lower levels, farming can be made so much easier with cc troops. Minions are OP. Just take care of towers and minions wreck bases. Earlier goblin maps don't even have towers.

  9. this will absolutely made u jake 1M subscribers..gj mrs.OH keep it up..enjoyed the series.. :)

  10. This has possibly become my favorite series on the channel. Mrs. Jake is a delight and I enjoy the combination of you two playing off each other in conversation. Great times. Hopefully I can get my wife on the game with these episodes. I tried before and ended up having the play it myself as a mini account, lol.

  11. This is a great series. Keep up the great videos, please!

  12. He said Mrs. onehive ???

  13. #noloot

  14. Fun series 🙂 Maybe Mrs jake will be townhall 9 by next week lol :p

  15. Clash video but vainglory shirt too op. VAINGLORY FOR PRESIDENT 2017!

  16. lol, love this series. The back and forth between you two is so real/natural, awesome YouTube and streaming duo!!

  17. She is so cute :*

  18. MrsJake is HAWT!!! ;)

  19. A true Prodigy has been born.

  20. Jake seems giddy that she's going to play with him… Actually pretty cool.

  21. your wife is really cool.

  22. haven't gotten my wife to learn to attack yet, but she collects loot and upgrades walls on the 8.5 account I started on her phone and can cook an army when I don't have access to my tablet that can access the account.

  23. Oh No man ! What does she got herself into xD

  24. My wife and I think Mrs Jake is pretty :)

  25. Lol, mrs jake luvs the $$$. Jake is gonna have to start working some OT.

  26. "That's why I can't fry chicken."

    LMAO, priceless!

  27. 3:47 "THIS takes focus???" Hahahaha jake cmon be gentle

  28. awesome Jake baby steps for your wife, by the way I thought you would be fat, turned out to be all right, by listening to your bold voice I thought you would be fat ??

  29. The SEMC shirt XDDD

  30. make more of this

  31. Not really war content. But you know what, it brings me back. Very amusing. I love it. 

  32. this is a really entertaining serious.

  33. you both are a beautiful couple :)

  34. Mrs jake, be carefull, Gems are like drugs. it is easy to get hooked on them and hard to quit. just one more sack of gems.

  35. Hahaha mrs onehive!!!

  36. She's Asian..

  37. wow- you must be the luckiest man alive. mrs jake really seems to be a nice person and u guys seem happy together

  38. Good job Lee Sun. Play the hell outta this game. Don't let him hold ya back.

  39. I like how Mrs. Jake was just like "bye ya'll" while Jake was doing his whole outro one hive thing. Haha. gj guys :)

  40. Mrs. Jake for leader of OneHive !!!!

  41. who has a clash of clans account that don't play it no and willing to give it to me and it has to be town hall 7 or higher

  42. Really cool Series :)

  43. this series makes me smile everytime. Makes me remember when i thiught my wife how to CoC so I can play freely ;)

  44. This was pretty cute haha (:

  45. Loving this series, Jake! Bringing the nostalgia.

  46. Really 2261 gems?

    That is not how most people play Clash of Clans

  47. That intro was OP

  48. good job Mrs Jake. I like how Jake is sporting a vainglory shirt ????