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Clash of Clans from the Beginning with MrsJake Episode #3

MrsJake is back and is upgrading her base, doing attacks, and expanding or Clash of Clans mind for your viewing pleasure. Hope you guys enjoy this one and …


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  1. YES! I have been wanting to hear the "reminding you guys to suck less" for a while now.

  2. Hahahah i love it

  3. HAHAH I can't tell if this is a YouTube series about clash of clans or marriage counseling =P

    Happy Mothers Day Mrs. Jake!

  4. Make a mix level war clan for Mrs. Hive

  5. damn Mrs.Jake ?

  6. Liking the series 🙂 you should have an extra upload or make them a bit longer to show more attacks.

  7. That Bleep at 4:58 :-DDD

    Mrs J does he ever get that feeling where he's like…"let me do this" out of rage 😉 you kiddos are cool. Keep em Coming!!!

  8. I just realized that you get spells and the wizard tower at th 5 and arena 5 in clash royale is called spell valley

  9. "Noah's Ark approach" hahaha

  10. Mrs Jake is adorable.

  11. Get a straw hat and some overalls cause youre a farmer now Mrs Jake

  12. BTW there are a bunch of clans called Req n gtfo, or Req n leave, and they're really helpful because you only have to join for like 30 seconds. You just request for maxed barbarians or archers or whatever and you get filled up with maxed troops in like 10 seconds. GL!

  13. When I started clash I thought loons worked like wbs on defenses and I didn't use them for the longest time

  14. Keep em Coming! I'm trying to get my wife to play and these are helping a lot. Your back and forth banter his hilarious.

  15. Jake looks like he just wants to grab the ipad from her and do everything himself. Lmaoo

  16. Hey we would love to have you war with us. We always have th 4-6 in our wars and we need their attacks every time. Let me know if you are interested.

  17. Give MrsJake one of OneHive 3.0…or wherever u r

  18. soooo….. what's her actual name? I doubt it's "Jake". you could at least introduce her in the vids. :)

  19. Hey Mrs. Jake! Looking good, I am a coleader of lvl10 Alive and Free, FP war clan. We have some extra room and always looking for active people to war that are willing to learn (I heard you have a mediocre teacher :P). Feel free to swing by for a few wars if you would like, request that ggg invited you and we'll get you in.

  20. i worked hard for those gems

  21. Is Clash Of clans-Clash Royale! Cla: Batle of friend Brazil!!

  22. Your elexir is really bugging me. Spend it!

  23. Sub me anyone plz

  24. Nice Mrs. Jake

  25. Pls more of this:)

  26. Happy mother's day Mrs.Jake! Great video, highly entertaining. Don't listen to Jake, do what makes you happy in clash! (sorry Jake). ;)

  27. great way to start the day! and happy mother's day mrs . jake!

  28. Jake at that lvl all you need to do is have max loons in cc for war. Take out air d and the loons will do the rest

  29. keep up the good work MrsJake,
    *Tip- join some clan so you can take max troops in your clan castle,and they will do the job for you.

  30. The gems! ??????

  31. This is my favorite clash series ever tho, I can not get enough of this!

  32. Lol ❤wizard tower ❤?

  33. ??☻

  34. She wants to be a gemmer not farmer

  35. no one is this noob. did she play the tutorial?

  36. i like yor channel

  37. Lmao, so what's ur attack stray for ur next attack? Send everybody in. ( says with a calm voice and straight face )

  38. Loving these! Keep em coming. I got a feeling mrsjake is gonna be a master farmer soon

  39. @MrsJake why don't you join us 🙂
    Level 7 clan and we have 50v50 wars every weekend so you can experience big wars too. Just a friendly invite :)

  40. Jake your wife is becoming a farmer, not a war attacker?????

  41. Notification squad!

  42. Woo new video

  43. First

  44. Notification squad! ?

  45. jake pls reply to me I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!