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Clash of Clans from the Beginning with MrsJake Episode #5 and Chicago Live Hype!

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  1. Jake, teach your wife about air attacks! hogs in cc t under heals and surgical loons. easy 3 at low levels

  2. Mrs. Jake, you should look into balloon attacks, I used them instead of giant/healer at Th 4, 5 and 6, and they were so much easier for me every time. it takes some learning, but it works so much better

  3. It would be really cool if you could buy someone from supercell a plane ticket and get them there just to see how cool it is and maybe to sponsor the next one. It sounds like a better atmosphere than clashcon

  4. I'm going to fly in from Scotland to show my support!

  5. Add some music in the back ground would be perfect Jake :)

  6. Wizards have slightly lower range than archers, that's why archers need to be deployed right below the dragon and just 1 or 2 wizards if they are level 5 at some distance. I have killed max dragons with the least being 3 archers and 1 wizard with a poison and 5 archers and 2 wizards without poison.

  7. Hey Jake. Does Ms. OH have a sister? Thanks!

  8. Jake can you contact me somehow asking about AlphaDog heard he got a "sickness" privacy censor but just making sure he's better man. Please get back to me

  9. Lol this is quality content

  10. dont touch my stuff :D

  11. nice pickup on mrs jake, jake

  12. Awesome lesson Mrs. Jake! Sharing with my newer clanmates who are struggling with cc kill.

  13. Wish i could go to chicago live

  14. I used to use surgical loons at th6 but now with two AD u can't use it anymore

  15. Can we watch the Chicago thing after, because I'm busy that day. But I would love to see the wars! Please make YT vid of (tournament)?

  16. Well I haven't got 2 years under ma belt!

  17. I use 20 giants and all archers, wall breakers, cc hogs and heal spells at th 6.

  18. Great video :)

  19. he married Ling ling?

  20. Lol can anyone tell me what's name of MrsJake?

  21. she didnt even need to make a funnel. not really a skill that needs to be learned until late th 7. but good for teaching her early.

  22. MrsJake can't attack for shit

  23. awesome video

  24. This series is awesome

  25. great video

  26. Learn how to kill dragons….skyrim has been integrated into CoC and nobody noticed??

  27. These intros are the best???