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Clash of Clans from the Beginning with MrsJake Episode #6

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  1. to calculate the housing space of army <>

  2. Mrs. Jake Go for live Dragon attack. Wait for TH7 game gets better with Barb King.

  3. yes

  4. I didn't tell you it was a two way street ? -Mrs. Jake 2016

  5. yes fòr the live dragon attack. There this guy she can learn from on youtube, OneHive Raids or somethin

  6. Live Attack!!! yes!

  7. Yes, live attack!

  8. Yes do dragon attack with us

  9. Happy Fathers Day Jake! Totally want the live attack

  10. Happy Fathers day for those that did'nt pull out

  11. "It doesn't take it all the way out." "Yeah it does." "No" "Yeah" "No" "Yeah" "No" "Yeh" "No" "Yeh". ?

  12. yes go live

  13. Yes to live attack

  14. YES live drag attack! You guys are soooo married, cute

  15. Yes live attack!

  16. Live Attack Or Riot. (Sorry Mrs.J) Lmao

  17. She's awesome dude

  18. Yeah! Live drag attack lol

  19. Townhall 8 was the end for my wife hope this series continues Happy Father's Day ??

  20. Live attack

  21. Yes to live dragon attack :D

  22. Your wife really doesnt care about coc. Lol

  23. Liiiiiiiiiiive dragon attack!

  24. live attack next time…..i would do it lol best quote " its not a 2 way street"

  25. could you increase the audio volume somehow? Can hardly hear you with max volume on my phone, videos are beast :)

  26. Yes live attack

  27. That "I got gem money" shirt is killer.

  28. yes

  29. Yes

  30. Damn, your wife is hot jake

  31. Yes

  32. yes. yes yes. and more yes! lol nice video ;)

  33. Yup live dragon attack next video

  34. let her do a live attack

  35. You sound waaayy older than what tou look like!

  36. live dragon attack, absolutely

  37. Lol if mrs.Jake faces a mini dragon and valk in cc

  38. Live attack!

  39. live hog attack

  40. what about a hog attack?

  41. live attack from mrs.jake <3

  42. YES to live drag raid.

  43. Dragon live attack!!!!!!!!

  44. She needs heal level 2

  45. do the live dragons, the babes will help u plan

  46. My favourite series since im also lower level i get lots of tips! thx

  47. Yes live attack!

    2.SAY "DONE"

  49. live attack ! yess :p