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Clash of Clans from the Beginning with MrsJake Episode #7

It is live war attack time for MrsJake! She busts out her shiny new dragons to try and get a 3 star for you guys live! Hope you enjoy and be sure to tune in next …


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  1. Mrs.Jake Is a true clasher gets mad when she don't 3 star

  2. Is your wife single? ;)

  3. your wife is low key bad, whats her instagram so i can DM her

  4. New clan for new season Clan name:FoxonKingArmy

  5. That is exactly why I never use hogs to snipe an ad. I would have zapped the bottom right ad, com from the top destroying all theose archer towers fast (4 archer towers count as an ad dps wise) and as soon as the ad locks onto a dragon start a cc full of max loons (maybe with the 3 own ones following behind).
    But yes I agree a max th7 with a solid layout is not easy with lvl1 dragons especially if you dont have max army camps as well.

  6. Nicee tryyy Ms jake….my gf n i watch ur vidz all the time..much appreciated n GL fr ur clash career

  7. y is she on the right use to seeing her on left

  8. Check out our clan for your next hitchhiker episode 🙂

    Clan: Junior Canada


    253 war wins and on a 11 war win streak. Don't be afraid to stop by, just put my name (SiriuS) in the request message and I will be sure to accept you 🙂 thanks

  9. Good attack nonetheless. I came up with the exact same plan when I saw the base so the defender definitely knew the attacker would likely try to hit it that way. I think this was a good outcome for Mrs. Jake since it was a valuable learning experience. Everyone drops their hogs on an outer GB at some point, so having the foresight to prepare for that in the future is another useful tool for attacking.

  10. Muy bien, gracias. Y tú?

  11. join my Clan First Order

  12. Has anyone else noticed that this video was recorded at three different times? 0:00 no DE storage, 9:00 DE storage building, 1:00 DE storage is upgrading.

  13. ffs this is the easiest attack in the game

  14. hope mrs.jake get her barbarian King soon.nice series for a beginner.

  15. Coffee and clash do you still cringe at your voice, does Mrs Jake cringe at hers

  16. Hello Mrs. Jake!

  17. Estoy bien Jake, como estás tu?

  18. is your wife Asian Jake?

  19. Jake you lucky bastard… How'd you score such a fun and awesome wife! ;)

  20. should've zapped the air defense and clan castle troops

  21. Change the side you was sitting on and its 3 stars all day. Good try Lee Sun

  22. you both have that "red county" accents, u guys must be republicans.

  23. Should've done a Hogon, Mrs. Jake! Get those Hogs ASAP! 20 Hogs, 5 Drags, 3 Heal. ALL our TH 7s do it. ⭐⭐⭐

  24. good try Mrs Jake! you will get them next time for the 3star

  25. We want Vg! We want Vg! WE WANT VG!

  26. Jake Supercell finally promoted your channel, congrats !

  27. Auto like for the intro.

  28. MrsJake on the right side? Unsubbed.

  29. Jake is a lucky man!

  30. oh yeah mrs.jake again ??

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  32. nive video jake hahahah

  33. im first time to look jake face

  34. second ?

  35. My wife loves, and waits for these videos to come out!

  36. Who else is upset that she is on the wrong side…

  37. First ;)