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Clash of clans Funny MOMENTS Ep. 2 w/ GODSON (Funny skits & comedy)

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  3. The giant bomb and warden special was tight

  4. New chaine for clash of clans video Farming and war bases – attack strategy fot all town hall 🙂 subscribe for more videos thanks ^^

  5. Godson notice me!

  6. So funny lol

  7. I used to be a fan ……. now i am an air condition

  8. hi

  9. Nice Vid Boi! Also if you want to subscribe to my channel because I'm trying my hardest to make videos and a new one is coming out soon!

  10. Lol ???

  11. I love your editing!

  12. Yoo the mini pekka says "hey you guys" lol

  13. so funny Godson make more of that kind pls

  14. Hope to hit 50k subscribers this year! Every subscriber counts :D

  15. epic,lol

  16. Hitting 100 subscribers soon! Thanks Guys!

  17. this was amazing godson! great video, keep er goin!

  18. Sick mate

  19. this was funny man keep it up :)

  20. Did i just see the barbarian king fuck a box?

  21. Thanks for the laugh

  22. What editing software do u use

  23. God love you 100%

  24. wait, I feel like i already wached this…

  25. ILY Godson!

  26. I love when u add ur own sound effects, there funny