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  1. Unless u build a unique base (which I suggest) , U along with ur clanmates can save some bases that are used alot and practice on them. Then when someone builds a unique base they will just copy it and practice. So both ways ur screwed. Some people have awesome base building skills.

  2. People will just copy bases and practice on them before they attack. SMH

  3. I have 2 accounts, both TH 10, with equivalent defenses. One has lvl 20/20 heroes with walls lvl 8, one has lvl 30/37 heroes with lava walls. I play about 30 hours per week. Wars are gonna be so "easy" for me. You know what I mean? Not sure this update is a good idea, but we'll see.

  4. Im not even going to take the effort of disliking this video

  5. thats bullshit .. every noob will be able to 3 star any base

  6. You need a lot of time to try to copy another opponents base plus figuring out exactly what traps they have where. I don't know think it will effect war in that way. I do think it could make war tougher because you and your clan mates can practice with different army's on each other's war bases to defend better.

  7. this game has been dead for awhile

  8. Good war sir gadi. From #MATIC-AS! Your th9's so good. BTW nice war. Continue making good videos! Clash on! :)

  9. wtf that sucks… its like modding

  10. In the future you have to quit your job to be competitive in clanwars

  11. They just ruined their game

  12. Gadi, I have been a sub of yours for a long time. But really-supercell doesnt give a shit about you and your channel. With respect, your vids are great, but this is not supercell listening to you. This is supercell killing fairplay as we hoped it could be after mods were banned. If they dont limit this in some way the fair play community will die and no-one will be able to be proud of a well planned attack-only well practiced attacks. This is BAD, real BAD.

  13. OMFG

  14. so they are adding to their game what they are banning people for using… sandboxing. wtf

  15. thats another xmod shit :/

  16. FU supercell !!! let's make modding legal ??? now this game just got ruined !!

  17. made a video from it too☺

  18. I think what they should do is that they will only let u use sandbox mode after a war, not when you are in a war. this will let u practice new attacks but will not affect the war

  19. how about copy enemy base at current war.
    gg really gg
    sandbox mod reborn and the fall of COC

  20. RIP CoC

  21. ohhhh you're not death ???

  22. thanks sc for messing up this game! its not fun if everyone just easy getting 3stars because he has a lot of time. now you dont need skill to 3star. Its just sad..

  23. official introduction of xmod ?


  25. First comment and let me just start by saying clash have created a free mod for us to practice on enemy war bases ?