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Clash of Clans – Gemming 55 Max Giants with Clone Spells,

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  1. wow.. this series make ppl unsubscribe ??

  2. Full PEKKA?

  3. unsubbed… BORING content…

  4. lel , what is this ? ? unsubscribe, sorry , you've lost your charm buddy.

  5. start streaming and record there ur videos!!

  6. "We are not gonna put him to sleep" 0.54 , you're gonna put ur fans to sleep if u don't make exciting content

  7. all valchiries attack pls

  8. boring unsub..

  9. However, I decide today to unsubscribe to your channel because it's getting more and more boring (in my opinion , but I believe I'm not the only one) . Sorry for saying that but for me, using mass wizards or ballons to attack like a mad man is not troll or fun, it's stupidity. 2 months ago, each video that you post got 10-12 K views, and now only 2-3k , and you deserve even less. So please , please change the content because it's quite sad to see an amazing channel becoming a boring one. Once again no personal offense, no hate . Thumbs up if you guys agree.

  10. Hi Brandon,firstly, I clarify that my comment is not hate. I'm your fans Maxzhuang. I've started watching your videos since this channel had only a few thousands subscribers. I've watched almost every video that you post , and followed your awesome journey to Legend league. You were, in my opinion, one of the best youtuber ever, because you are not working for supercell (reference X pat ) and I've learned a lot about "Lavaloonien" from you.

  11. All golem attack ! LOLL Plz

  12. witch brandon its good I would like to Skelton also clone in that next one witch

  13. hey brandon..!! i really miss ur lets play series( brandon 3)…its kind of motivational video's for farmer's in coc .

  14. u should use heal spell too??

  15. will u do a max pekka raid please

  16. love you brandon

  17. What's next? 69 Hogs?

  18. Brandon your PVZ videos don't work!!! Like so he can see

  19. stfu



  22. OMGG