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Clash of Clans GEMMING BABY DRAGONS – All Baby Dragon Attack! Gemming New Update and New Troops!!

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  1. I love gemming videos

  2. Mom; 2:00

  3. Hey man does your base defend dark elixir well?

  4. healers dont heal flying troops lol

  5. Nice video man! Love it 🙂 do you have any tips/tricks for growing a Clash channel? 🙂 hope you will respond ^^

  6. Single player raids need dark elixir…

  7. awesome video and cool attack

  8. classic mom

  9. #babydragon

  10. First one to upload a new update vid (At least in my sub box). I LOVE BABY DRAGONS!!!!

  11. fricken cool attack

  12. And I know healers cant heal air troops I just wish they did!

  13. In this video I gem the Baby Dragons and do an ALL baby dragon attack! Subscribe for more Clash of Clans and Clash Royale! :D

  14. Hiii!!!