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Clash of Clans – GEMMING NEW MARCH UPDATE! 14000 GEMS UNLOCKING BOWLER! (CoC Gemming Bowler Update)

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  1. no rocketeer….??but that update is ok

  2. Do u do any hacking videos if not u really should

  3. Nice one

  4. Hey, Guys Check Out my Clan – Savage $wag ™. P.S Unlocking Bowlers^_^

  5. The envy is strong in me

  6. When I saw the cover I was like, this is a joke. Then I watched the video and I was like, no they are a joke.

  7. Love the vids keep up the awesome videos

  8. Valkyrie fuck you ?

  9. Join are clan PEKKA u will make my coc day

  10. 1:04 rip 100 gold lmao

  11. I love your intro song :p

  12. lol rollers

  13. Echlipse can you please try to stop swearing? I really enjoy your videos but am not allowed to watch them because of the swears. Plz stop

  14. You like the word actually

  15. Man, +eclihpse, this is crazy, this was my base you attacked! I almost fell off the couch when I was watching the video, like "damn, that base looks familiar!"

  16. your comment section has aids lol

  17. cool troops

  18. About

  19. Wat abolir The morter

  20. Best gem vid ever!!! ?

  21. i quit this game who else quit this game?

  22. With this much editing and effort all of his videos should have about 100k views each. He really should be popular, I was shocked when i checked the view count.

  23. eclihpse you forgot the mortar upgrade

  24. am I right?

  25. I'm about to rush my th, just for new troop seriously

  26. the bowler looks like a goblin fucked a giant, an then the baby fucked a smurf

  27. ayyy I'm almost 90% sure the max bowler is 3

  28. New mortar level

  29. nice videos keep it up

  30. Shrek is life Shrek is love

  31. l loveed that video I wish I could get the bowlers and dark troops

  32. Not even a hour and 1K views

  33. Wow. It literally came out like today and you ALREADY GOT IT!?

  34. do more videos

  35. Gem bowler to MAX

  36. doesn't gem resources cause he bots lol

  37. Dam Eclihpse Back at it again with the no copyright intro ?

  38. How do you make your logo intro?

  39. Mortars Level 9

  40. This new update is crap for all town halls but 10 and 11

  41. Sexy

  42. like how the mortar looksss

  43. Who likes the new air defence?

  44. It's all oger