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  1. You didn't get the clan castle and upgrade it

  2. You didn't build your clan castle

  3. Can u make a baby coleson clan for this village?

  4. Allahakbur your racist aperantly all Muslims are suicide bombers unsubed

  5. like send me one

  6. I never got my 100,000,000 gems from the other video

  7. you forgot the clan castle

  8. HAi coleson fam!!

  9. Make a clan with this account for lower people plz

  10. did coleson stream td battles?

  11. Coaaaaaaal You Forgeted The BOMBS HOW COULD YOU?!

  12. coleson upgrade the bombs!

  13. u forgot the clan castle

  14. You had enough gems left over to get 5 builders

  15. to upgrade the bomb

  16. he forgot the bomb

  17. you DIDN'T MAXED out the th 4…. you forgot the CC!!

  18. you samenta and babay carl rock ! fu*k you mortar XD stay happie

  19. what about cc Coleson?

  20. i would think it would need 500k gems ti go to th 11 max

  21. Cool

  22. Cole you should've used balloons they would be op because hardly anyone has an air defence at th4

  23. join the clan Dark Army we need one more for war

  24. you re super funny where do you think of this stuff nd jokes

  25. This comment is gonna get a lot of likes for no reason

  26. Rip gems ??


  28. Did he just say Allah akbar that th??


  30. the clan castle

  31. I like to suck on my grandma's feet when I get horny

  32. U need to upgrade clan castle

  33. his voice sounds different

  34. Now make a good base layout

  35. Lots of donald trump jokes in the comments today

  36. Are you going to get the cc

  37. Lol my mom thought I was whaching Porno with all his Mouning

  38. You didn't fix the clan castle :D

  39. Are you channeling your inner Peter17$ voice for this episode?

  40. I need 18 more subs to reach 100 pease help me, i'll sub back :)

  41. Your British accent is shit as fuck

  42. Great video man!

  43. Ala Akbar the town hall XD

  44. he forgot the clan castle.

  45. Coleson: Allahu Akbar!
    Me: haha ( he will get hated SO much now)…