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Clash of Clans | GEMMING TH11 To Maxed Base!!! No Attacks Only GEMMING

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  1. I don't hate gemmers if I had then I would have never seen the Ed videos????

  2. fuuuuuuck mannnnnnn!! you fucking gemm the walls!!!!!! thats to muuuuch expensivweeee! (i would do it if i can) haha

  3. i dont hate gemers, they got the money they got the job so gem the shit for not wasting ur time and get ur ass at the leader boards. btw why not watch some of the ed le jemmer vids and see him swears and shit talks and have some fun?, and he is a gemer,a cool one ^^.

  4. You still have lvl 1 spring trap Ed…

  5. Then the goddamn gemmers cry too supercell there's nothing for them to do,so supercell brings in th11,eagle artillery,bowler and in 1 hour the fuckers have everything max on the base. And the motherfuckers haven't realized that's the reason why there's nothing to do

  6. Did u max jump spell ? 😀 Lmao

  7. Gemmers hate themselves lol

  8. these gemmers piss me off ,i was checking top players some of these fuckers has stolen 300,000 in gold and elixir and have max base and troops. I have stolen 800,000 of both and can't even finish th10 .Fucking bastards don't enjoy raiding for loot


  10. Pleas make another gemmig video ( same of 50000 like) so fun !!

  11. I swear this video is the best fucken funny video !!?️?️?️ congratulations brooooo Ed!!! We will support you for every thing ❤️❤️

  12. I don't hate gemmers because if I had that kind on money I will do the same but supercell need to do more for farmers rather than Gemmers.

  13. I'm trump is going to build a wall that separates gemmers and farmer #MakeamericaHateagain

  14. O jogador mais culto do Clash muahah

  15. Like pra Fortalecer, Estou gostando muito dos videos …


  16. i hate gemmers because we are farming our bases since the beggining of clash, and someone say "oh, u put years of your life in this? I will just gem my base in 1h and be 'better than you',or at least i will say that"…
    that just proves the inability that they have

  17. You could upgrade the last wall with elixir but it was great bro

  18. hahaah that was great broo :D

  19. I hate gemmers because they are stealing our jobs, raping our women and bringing their drugs to clash

  20. first

  21. Beleza noobs

  22. ?