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Clash of Clans – Gemming the Update to MAX! (Bowler Gameplay)

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  1. Rip: chief pats funds

  2. gg 1700000 subscribers

  3. Why did they change the air defenses? They look sooooo bad ???

  4. This update is complete ass

  5. It's so bad

  6. " a loan of a smillion dollars " – Chief Pat 2016

  7. Hey chief, please tell the way you got 42000 gems in an instant.

  8. تحيه لكم من كوكب المريخ
    Greetings to you guys from Mars

  9. Oh cool a new update… Oh wait I'm th 9

  10. Brasileiros ?

  11. Bowler looks garbage

  12. U have more gems than all the dark elixir I've had combined

  13. hay u help me for clash of clans gums

  14. Why say that your wallet is burning when supercell fund you gems.

  15. Rip my wallet ???

  16. Daymn I was about to say I had more gems than u but then u bring s small loan of 40k again lol

  17. The boulder will be the "new valk". for 8 troop space the now buffed and improved valk is so much better. the boulder wont be use much…

  18. Mortars and Infernos look sick! it'll be a LONG time befor eI go to TH11 though

  19. COC is being killed by supercell one update at the time. Instead of fixing things they just make it worse. Glad to have a new troop but supercell needs to just come out and admit they have gotten greedy. Don't find gems like I used to and now they want an arm and a leg for upgrades (200k de you've gotta be kidding). They need to take some time and remember what the people want instead of only what they want.

  20. I can definitely hear it in Pat's voice- those bowler upgrades are SUPER expensive for a troop that doesn't even really seem that useful. They used to go up by increments of 10K when the game started. Now there are ridiculous gaps in upgrade costs. This game has a bloated system that will surely crack in the next year or two…

  21. when will u continue on the th8 let's play season 2

  22. No peace out? I guess the world is doomed to a nuclear war now.

  23. 13% to 2% lol

  24. "i hit my boy donald trump up with a small loan of a million dollars" – chief pat 2k16

  25. How you get fast so much gems?
    Sry for bad Englsih, i from Croatia!

  26. my spelling is terrible???

  27. bty

  28. sorry boy

  29. I don't have him but he looks insane!☺☺☺ bay pat great vids and keep the good work up??☺☺!

  30. "It goes from 13 damage per second, to 2 damage per second" Hahahahaha

  31. good and i thing now ppl will not use gowipe will us gobipe

  32. Pay 2 win

  33. chief pat i can come into your clan please

  34. PLS CHIEF PAT, save us from the Ugly airdefences.